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Super Bros. World 1 is an loose port of Super Mario Bros 3 to the MSX, that was developed and published by Clover in 1991. Instead of using graphics ripped from Super Mario Bros. 3, the game uses sprites loosely based off of the character sprites in Super Mario Bros. 3. A series of hacks of this game, known as Super Bio Man were made and published by Segye-ro Electronics.


Even though it's a port of Super Mario Bros. 3. The plot is somewhat different from the original game and features different characters.

The plot from the back of the box:

Once again, in the Peaceful Land of Magic. The Great Demon King appears and imprisons Princess Loti and the three princes on a remote island, throwing the kingdom into chaos. Accordingly, King Dae-dae summoned the Super Emperors to fight against the Great Demon King and his minions, and to save the princess and the three princes to restore peace. Will our brave friends be able to defeat the powerful monsters not seen in the previous game and save Loti and the three princes? A completely new fantasy world leading up to parts 1. 2. 3. and 4. Where we'll meet the cute Princess Loti and the three princes?




The plays similarly to the Super Mario Bros. 3, but infinitely harder and with only 2 worlds. The game is also only 1-Player and doesn't feature any other main character. Like the first three Super Boy games, the items dispensed by the item boxes found throughout the game are randomized. However, none of the new powerups from Super Mario Bros. 3 similar to the Super Boy series. Though bizarrely, the P Switch now appears out of item boxes and acts differently. Now turning coins into blocks as well. There is a new "saw-like" item that immediately drops from the bottom of a item block, which if touched, hurts you.

The game doesn't suffer from the same physics problem that Super Boy I and II had, but the physics are still a bit hard to get used to, especially for those who played Super Mario Bros. 3 before playing this. It also features music ripped from Super Mario Bros. 3, remade more accurately than Super Boy I's renditions of Super Mario Bros. music. The same music is also used in Super Bros. World 1. Though in total, there are only 2 tracks in the game, which both only play in stages.

The enemies look very different from what they do in the original game, and are now more difficult to deal with. Mainly due to them either being harder or impossible to kill. Like Goombas now take 2 stomps to die, Para-Goombas now shoot missiles instead of Mini Goombas which hurt you, Bullet Bills can't be stomped on, and Boos move much faster making them nearly impossible to avoid. There is also a new candle enemy, which can't be destroyed. The only boss in the game is what seems to be Boom-Boom. Which appears in castle levels as the only thing in the stage.

Toad houses featured on the world map are still present. Including the slot machine minigame which plays similarly to the original game. But now has a chance of giving you coins instead of lives. Infamously the toad that welcomes you in says "God Speed You!" which is supposed to say "God Bless You!". The item chests from the original game are also present, but are now bizarrely coconuts that hang on a tree. The card system from the original game is also present and just like the slot machine, has the chance of giving you coins.

After clearing the World 2, the game fades to a poorly drawn image of Mario and Princess Loti (Who seemingly resembles a clown) with a speech bubble next to her, saying "Thank You!" and circles at the top which spell out "END."



  • When Mario hits an item box, it shows a silly-looking face on the box.
  • Princess Loti while not to the same degree as Fortran, became popular around various places of the internet. Under the new name Ulona.
  • Despite popular opinion, there is a Super Bio Man 1, known to have been published by Hello Soft for the Master System.[1] It is not known if there is a 2 or 3.