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Super Contra 6 is a pirated hack of Contra Force for the NES, released in 1994. On multicart menus and just about all cartridge labels, it is simply named Contra 6.


Super Contra 6 is little more than a mild graphics hack of Contra Force. Currently, its release information is not known. However, it seems to bear striking similarities to some other hacks.

The 4 playable characters were replaced with characters from other games/movies. Burns is now Rambo, Smith is Guile, Iron is Ryu and Beans is Bill. Rambo and Bill's portraits are taken from Contra (Japanese version), Guile's portrait taken from Ikari Warriors 3 and Ryu's is from Double Dragon. All of characters now start with 9 lives instead of the 3 the original game had.

This hack also seems to have fixed a lot of the slowdowns that the original game is most infamous and criticized for. However, the intro sequence and the ending are now somewhat corrupted.



  • Almost all the changes seem to be borrowed from other Contra games. The Kanji title screen at the beginning is taken from the Japanese version of the original Contra.
  • Similarities between Super Contra 6, Super Contra 5 and Contra Fighter could possibly indicate a shared design team.
  • This game has a cheat code that was not present in Contra Force. To get 17 lives for every team member, press UP + START in-game (same may be done on the Command Select screen).
  • On Dendy: The New Reality, Suponev reviewed a "Super Contra 6", but it is in actuality a simpler hack of Contra Force. It is commonly labelled as Contra 3 or Super Contra 3, but the only change is a mostly empty title screen. Cartridge labels may also refer to this version as Super Contra 6, Contra 6 and Super Contra 4, among others.
  • There is actually a hack of this hack: a much more graphical hack, titled X-Plan, that appears on some Famiclones. This version corrupts the music somewhat too and makes the characters more chibi-esque.