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Super Contra 6
Super Contra 6 (Unl) 001
Super Contra 6's Title Screen
Hack of Contra Force
Original developer Konami
Console Famicom
Date 1994
Alternate names/hacks Super Contra 3
Super Contra 6 is a pirated hack of Contra Force for the NES, released in 1994. On multicart menus and just about all cartridge labels, it is simply named Contra 6.


Super Contra 6 is little more than a mild graphics hack of Contra Force. Currently, its release information is not known. However, it seems to bear striking similarities to some other hacks.

The 4 playable characters were replaced with characters from other games/movies. Burns is now Rambo, Smith is Guile, Iron is Ryu and Beans is Bill. Their portraits are taken from Ikari Warriors 3, but Ryu's is from Double Dragon. All of the characters now start with 8 lives instead of the 3 the original game had.

This hack also seems to have fixed a lot of the slowdowns that the original game is most infamous and criticized for. However, the intro sequence is now somewhat corrupted.


  • Almost all the changes seem to be borrowed from other Contra games. The Kanji title screen at the beginning is taken from the Japanese version of the original Contra.
  • Similarities between Super Contra 6, Super Contra 5 and Contra Fighter could possibly indicate a shared design team.
  • This game has a cheat code that was not present in Contra Force. To get 17 lives for every team member, press UP + START in-game (same may be done on the Command Select screen).
  • On Dendy: The New Reality, Suponev reviewed a "Super Contra 6", but it is in actuality a simpler hack of Contra Force. It's commonly labelled as Contra 3 or Super Contra 3, but the only change is a mostly empty title screen. Cartridge labels may also refer to this version as Super Contra 6, Contra 6 and Super Contra 4, among others.
  • There is actually a hack of this hack: a much more graphical hack, titled X-Plan, that appears on some Famiclones. This version corrupts the music somewhat too and it makes the playable characters adorable.


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