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Super Contra II (also released as Contra '93) is a hack of Contra, made by Fuzan Dayou in 1993.



Super Contra II's gameplay.

This game is a hack of Contra which completely alters the level layouts, making the game much harder than the original. The bosses are, as usual, enormous machines and creatures which have their own specific weak points. They're not as frustratingly hard as some of the bosses in other games in the series, but can still provide a good challenge. Some of the bridges in the Jungle level don't blow up and it's difficult to tell where you can jump out of the water because of the new layout, with certain areas where the player jumps down to a different part of the water when they're already in it. The Base levels now take up the whole screen in size and the targets have been changed, although strangely the enemies still spawn in the same spots that they did in the original. Some targets are also invisible here for unknown reasons. The gun targets here also fire more often than they did originally. Referred to as Super C or Probotector, depending on the region where it was released.

The player is now given 5 lives instead of 3 and whenever they lose a life, they keep the gun that they had when they died. The audiovisuals are the same, apart from the title screen which doesn't have the Contra logo or Konami copyright. The Base levels also look considerably different, despite using the same tiles. Many have criticized this hack for being almost unplayable due to the changed layouts. The ending text was rewritten in English and adds a "Developer: Fuzan Dayou" credit and a couple of telephone numbers.


  • Using the Konami Code in this game gives the player 10 lives as opposed to 30.
  • The title screen for both games states that they're version 1.0, meaning that they're likely completely identical aside from the title screen.
  • The ending sequence contains the phrase "All rights served" which is likely a typo, or it might even be done on purpose (perhaps as a joke) since this mod/hack pirate literally says "No rights reserved"
  • The game itself seems to be built off a pirated version of Contra. A menu for a 17-in-1 multicart (by "Super Technos", which is likely Supervision) can be found in the game data. An unused(?) level select feature can also be found in the ROM.
  • Fu Zan is the name of the head of Yanshan Software. "Dayou" may be another staff member who was involved with this hack.