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Super Donkey Kong '99 (超級大金剛'99), also known as Super King Kong '99, is a bootleg game by Gamtec for the Sega Genesis in 1999. Rather than being a port, this game is an original platformer based on the Donkey Kong Country series.


Super Donkey Kong '99 - Gameplay


The controls are limited when compared with the official games, with the A button being used to pick up barrels, B to run and C to jump. As a result, the rolling attack and handslap attack are both omitted from this game, which means that the enemies can only be killed by jumping on them or throwing barrels at them. When you carry a barrel, you're unable to jump or run. Donkey Kong is the only playable character, which, combined with the lack of DK Barrels effectively means the player has only one hit point (although Diddy Kong does show up in the ending). There are also no checkpoints, passwords or a save feature. There are infinite continues, with a crude-looking continue screen with a sprite of Cranky Kong, who doesn't appear anywhere else in the game.

There are five worlds in the game, each consisting of two stages which use graphics and enemy sprites ripped directly from the official Donkey Kong Country games, with a boss at the end of every world. The first two worlds are based on the docks and mills levels from Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! while the last three are based on the factory, ruins and ice levels from the first Donkey Kong Country.

In terms of audio, the title screen has a remake of the opening theme from the first Donkey Kong Country. The first two worlds and the final world use music from Super Mario All-Stars and the factory world uses a track from Donkey Kong Country. The sound effects are sound samples ripped from the Donkey Kong Country trilogy, using SNESSOR95.


Name Description Source
Title Theme
(Title Theme - Donkey Kong Country)
Donkey Kong Country
World 1
(Bonus Stage - Super Mario Bros.)
Super Mario All-Stars
World 2
(Title Theme - Super Mario Bros.)
Super Mario All-Stars
World 3
(Life in the Mines - Donkey Kong Country)
Donkey Kong Country
World 4
(Bad Boss Boogie - Donkey Kong Country)
Donkey Kong Country
World 5
(Bowser Battle - Super Mario Bros.)
Super Mario All-Stars
Ending Theme
(Simian Segue - Donkey Kong Country)
Donkey Kong Country
Game Over
(Lose Life - DKC2 / DKC3)
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest / Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!


Super Donkey Kong '99 - Ending

This static screen with music in the background is the only thing that comes up when you beat the original revision of the game.

  • There are several issues with the bosses, which may be due to programming errors or un-emulated copy protection:
    • The boss of level 3, Master Necky Snr., can't be defeated properly on certain emulators, due to Master Necky Snr. becoming an invincible hazard after one or two hits. Luckily, there is a Pro Action Replay code to defeat all the bosses with one hit that helps circumvent this, which is FF00D0:0000.
    • The final boss is King K. Rool, and despite being recolored dark chocolate brown, the battle is pretty much the same to the battle against him from Donkey Kong Country. However, due to a programming error, if you try to jump over the crown he throws to kill you, you must let it pass through you. However, you have to jump on K. Rool's head before he throws his crown at you.
    • Very Gnawty and Really Gnawty, the bosses of levels 2 and 4 respectively, have an odd but interesting glitch. After defeating them, you instantly die. But you go to the next stage unharmed and with zero game over screen.
  • If you continue the game on the final world, there's a possible chance that the game could freeze anytime when playing either level.
  • This game was also released under the name Super King Kong '99. Other than it being a title hack, the game also has the ending fully animated and properly displayed, as well as spinning "PAUSE" text.
  • The game has a code to skip levels. You can perform this by pausing, and pressing down, left, and C simultaneously. This code also works in Super King Kong '99.
  • The ID on the original cart (DJ004) refers to the Chinese name for Donkey Kong written in pinyin. (大金剛)
  • The ROM header of this game is identical to other headers from confirmed Gamtec games, like Squirrel King, hinting it was published by this company and by other developers using a Gamtec SDK. When you pause the game, the "PAUSE" graphic also seems to be using a PCPaint font, which was also used in other Gamtec games. The box uses the "MD Compatible" label which is seen on a lot of Gamtec or Gamtec-related games' boxes.
  • The final world's music seems to be an edited version of Sonic Jam 6's unused rendition of the Bowser Boss battle, implying both games may have had the same developer or at least, the same composer. [1]
  • The ending in Super Donkey Kong '99 appears as a mostly blank screen with static sprites of Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. Through hacking, text intended for the ending can be found. The ending is fully animated and displayed in the Super King Kong '99 version, however. [2] This text reads as follows:
*: OH! YA!


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