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Super Donkey Kong 3 is a Game Boy game based on Donkey Kong Country 3. It was created by Makon Soft at an unknown date.


Super Donkey Kong 3 Gameplay


The game opens up with a title screen reminiscent of Donkey Kong Country 3's Japanese title screen. The gameplay itself is very similar to other Makon games, using a near-identical engine to those games. The music is based on the Donkey Kong Country 3 soundtrack.

Super Donkey Kong 5[]

Super Donkey Kong 5 - Title screen

Title screen.

Super Donkey Kong 5 (超级大金刚5) is a hack of Super Donkey Kong 3 for the Game Boy Color, and it was also released by Makon Soft.

Because it was released on Game Boy Color, Super Donkey Kong 5 was given a red and green color palette, like other Makon Soft titles for the handheld.

Aside from the color palette, Super Donkey Kong 5 only had a few differences. The title screen and the game's packaging were taken from the Japanese box art of Diddy Kong Racing, even though the two games have no relation. The intro features a different picture, and lastly the world map and level order were changed.