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Super Fighters S (超級格鬥 S), re-released as Super Fighters 99 is a unlicensed entry of the The King of Fighters series, mostly based on Takara's The King of Fighters Game Boy ports while taking its character roster from the official The King of Fighters '97.


Unlike the official The King of Fighters Game Boy games, the character roster is actually split up into teams instead of having random characters from every team. The only ones not set to teams are Iori and Shingo, who did not have teams in The King of Fighters '97. The roster are as follows:

  • Hero/Esaka team: Kyo, Benimaru, and Goro.
  • Kyokugen team: Ryo, Robert, and Yuri.
  • Fatal Fury team: Terry, Andy, and Joe.
  • Women Fighters team: Mai, Chizuru, and King.
  • Ikari Warriors team: Leona, Ralf, and Clark.
  • Psycho Soldier team: Athena, Kensou, and Chin.
  • Korea team: Kim: Choi, and Chang.
  • New Faces/Orochi team: Yashiro, Shermie, and Chris.
  • '97 Special team: Yamazaki, Billy, and Blue Marry.
  • Single entrants: Iori and Shingo

Additionally, Rugal serves as the final boss, despite not appearing in the official The King of Fighters '97. The game's intro is based on King of Fighters '98 with alterations to exclude characters not present in King of Fighters '97.

While many of the characters are taken from the previous official King of Fighters ports done by Takara, several of them have new sprites that were designed specifically for this game and do not appear in any official GB ports.

The gameplay engine is based on Takara's original engine used in their official The King of Fighters ports, so the gameplay is very well done to be based on the GB hardware. All gameplay aspects including team/single options and the actual fighting engine is the same as those found in Takara's originals, with the exception of link play, which was removed.

Unusually for an unlicensed GB game, it comes with a border when played on a SNES Super Game Boy.