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This article is about the hardware. For the company, see Super Game (company).

Super Game is a series of multicarts and multi-game arcade systems relying on Sega Master System hardware. The Arcade iterations is made by Sono Game and was released somewhere in the '90s.


Super Game's hardware is a Sega Master System clone with 32 built-in games. Some of these are native Master System games, while SG-1000 games or MSX1 conversions are also included, as these games rely on the 'legacy' video modes of the Master System. All these games have copyright notices removed from the title screen.

Some of the games were modified with a trainer, so, the player can start with nine lives, different stages, etc. Due to the nature of legacy video compatibility mode of the Master System used for SG-1000 games and F-16 Fighting Falcon, the MSX conversions has an issue where colors appear to be darker than their original counterparts.

List of games (Arcade versions)[]

  1. Super Bubble (Bubble Bobble)
  2. Tetris (Super Tetris)
  3. Wonder Boy (SMS version)
  4. Alex Kidd (crashes on startup)
  5. Super Mario (Super Boy I by Zemina)
  6. Hello Kang Si (Hokuto no Ken)
  7. Solomon Key (Solomon no Kagi: Oujo Rihita no Namida)
  8. Buk Doo Gun (Makai Retsuden / Kung Fu Kid)
  9. Invaders (Space Invaders, SG-1000 game)
  10. Galaxian (MSX conversion)
  11. Galaga (Sega-Galaga, SG-1000 game)
  12. Flicky (SG-1000 game)
  13. Teddy Boy (Teddy Boy Blues)
  14. Ghost House
  15. Bomb Jack (SG-1000 game)
  16. Kings Valley (King's Valley, MSX conversion)
  17. Pippols (MSX conversion)
  18. Dragon Story (The Three Dragon Story)
  19. Spy vs. Spy
  20. Pitfall II (SG-1000 version)
  21. Drol (SG-1000 game)
  22. Pit Pot
  23. Hyper Sport (Hyper Sports 2, MSX conversion)
  24. Super Tank (SG-1000 game)
  25. Congo Bongo (SG-1000 version)
  26. Circus (Circus Charlie, MSX conversion)
  27. Road Fighter (MSX conversion)
  28. Astro (Astro Flash / Transbot)
  29. Goonies (The Goonies, MSX conversion)
  30. Road Runner I (Lode Runner, SG-1000 version)
  31. Masic Tree (Magical Tree, MSX conversion)
  32. Mouse (Hustle Chummy)

There is another variant of this machine, which has Tri-Formation (Zillion II) instead of Super Bubble.

List of games (Super Game 45)[]

This multicart released only at retail, features all their game names in Korean. Here's a list of the games featured in English:

  1. Teddyboy (Teddy Boy Blues)
  2. Yosul-ui Seong (Pit Pot)
  3. Circus (Circus Charlie, MSX conversion)
  4. Yosul Namu (Magical Tree, MSX conversion)
  5. Namgeug Tamheom (Kekkyoku Nankyoku Daibouken / Antarctic Adventure, MSX conversion)
  6. Olympic (Hyper Olympic 1, MSX conversion)
  7. King's Valley (MSX conversion)
  8. Pippols (MSX conversion)
  9. Comedy Joe (Comical Machine Gun Joe)
  10. Dang-Gu (Video Hustler, MSX conversion)
  11. Teddyboy 4 (duplicate of Teddy Boy Blues)
  12. Comedy Joe 4 (duplicate of Comical Machine Gun Joe)
  13. I.Q. (Soukoban, SG-1000 game)
  14. I.Q. 6 (duplicate of Soukoban)
  15. Road Fighter (MSX conversion)
  16. Galaga (MSX conversion)
  17. Pyooan (Pooyan, MSX conversion)
  18. Sports (Hyper Sports 1, MSX conversion)
  19. Kung Fu (Yie Ar Kung-Fu, MSX conversion)
  20. King Balloon (King & Balloon, MSX conversion)
  21. Teddyboy 6 (duplicate of Teddy Boy Blues)
  22. Teddyboy 3 (duplicate of Teddy Boy Blues)
  23. Comedy Joe 2 (duplicate of Comical Machine Gun Joe)
  24. Comedy Joe 6 (duplicate of Comical Machine Gun Joe)
  25. Yosul-ui Seong 2 (duplicate of Pit Pot)
  26. Yosul-ui Seong 4 (duplicate of Pit Pot)
  27. Bosconia (Bosconian, MSX conversion)
  28. Galaxian (MSX conversion)
  29. I.Q. 4 (duplicate of Soukoban)
  30. I.Q. 7 (duplicate of Soukoban)
  31. Yang Bae Chu (Cabbage Patch Kids, MSX conversion)
  32. Sky Jaguar (MSX conversion)
  33. Tank (Tank Battalion, MSX conversion)
  34. Sports 2 (Hyper Sports 2, MSX conversion)
  35. Yosul-ui Seong 3 (duplicate of Pit Pot)
  36. I.Q. 2 (duplicate of Soukoban)
  37. Teddyboy 5 (duplicate of Teddy Boy Blues)
  38. Teddyboy 2 (duplicate of Teddy Boy Blues)
  39. I.Q. 3 (duplicate of Soukoban)
  40. I.Q. 6 (duplicate of Soukoban)
  41. Hyper Rally (MSX conversion)
  42. Gaeguli (Frogger, MSX conversion)
  43. Comedy Joe 5 (duplicate of Comical Machine Gun Joe)
  44. Comedy Joe 3 (duplicate of Comical Machine Gun Joe)
  45. Tennis (Konami's Tennis, MSX conversion)
  46. Dasi (soft-reset)

List of games (Super Game 52 Hap)[]

Just like with Super Game 45 Hap, this multicart released only at retail, features all their game names in Korean. Unlike Super Game 45, there's no repeats and most games are MSX1 conversions. Here's a list of the games featured in English:

  1. Yosul-ui Seong (Pit Pot)
  2. Seishun Scandal (My Hero)
  3. Ghost House
  4. Astro Flash (Transbot)
  5. Teddyboy (Teddy Boy Blues)
  6. Comedy Joe (Comical Machine Gun Joe)
  7. Super Arkanoid (Korean hack of Woody Pop: Shinjinrui no Block Kuzushi)
  8. Super Columns (made by Hi-Com, not to be confused with Super Columns for Sega Game Gear)
  9. Great Baseball (Japanese version)
  10. Road Fighter (MSX conversion)
  11. Galaga (MSX conversion)
  12. Exerion (SG-1000 version)
  13. Circus Charlie (MSX conversion)
  14. Space Invaders (SG-1000 version)
  15. Magical Tree (MSX conversion)
  16. Unknown (MSX conversion, title in Kanji)
  17. Kekkyoku Nankyoku Daibouken / Antarctic Adventure (MSX conversion)
  18. Hyper Olympic 1 (MSX conversion)
  19. Video Hustler (MSX conversion)
  20. Comic Bakery (MSX conversion)
  21. Dig Dug (MSX conversion)
  22. Pooyan (MSX conversion)
  23. Hyper Olympic 2 (MSX conversion)
  24. Hyper Sports 1 (MSX conversion)
  25. Con-dori (MSX conversion)
  26. Color Ball (MSX conversion)
  27. Yie Ar Kung-Fu (MSX conversion)
  28. Mr. Do! vs. Unicorns (MSX conversion)
  29. King & Balloon (MSX conversion)
  30. Rally-X (MSX conversion)
  31. Space Mountain (SG-1000 game, originally released for the Othello Multivision)
  32. Indian no Bouken (MSX conversion)
  33. Safari Hunt (SG-1000 game)
  34. Cabbage Patch Kids (MSX conversion)
  35. Sky Jaguar (MSX conversion)
  36. Bosconian (MSX conversion)
  37. Alibaba and 40 Thieves (MSX conversion)
  38. King's Valley (MSX conversion)
  39. Tank Battalion (MSX conversion)
  40. Konami's Ping Pong (MSX conversion)
  41. Hyper Sports 2 (MSX conversion)
  42. Pippols (MSX conversion)
  43. Monkey Academy (MSX conversion)
  44. Konami's Tennis (MSX conversion)
  45. Hyper Rally (MSX conversion)
  46. Frogger (MSX conversion)
  47. Athletic Land (MSX conversion)
  48. Konami's Golf (MSX conversion)
  49. Borderline (SG-1000 game)
  50. Bakudan Otoko (Bomberman, MSX conversion)
  51. Galaxian (MSX conversion)
  52. Yamato (SG-1000 game)


  • The musics used in Menus are stolen from My Hero / Seishun Scandal, a game that does not appear as a playable game in the Arcade versions.
  • Despite there being a time indicator on the selection screen, it does not appear to be used to limit play time per credits inserted.
  • The cartridge art for Super Game 45 Hap features art drawn by Susumu Matsushita, known for drawing boxarts of Adventure Island series and the Famitsu magazine.

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