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This article is about the hardware. For the company, see Super Game (company).
Super Game
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Publisher Sono Game, Seo Jin
Developer Sono Game
Original developer Various
Console Arcade
Date 1990
Engine Various
Sound engine My Hero (Menu)
Various (other games)

Super Game is a piece of hardware made by Sono Game released somewhere '90s. It's an Arcade machine, but with option to buy time instead of credits. The setup is similar to FamicomBox, which was developed for Hotels around Japan, with the exception that FamicomBox features removable cartridges.


Inside the hardware, there is a Sega Master System clone with 32 built-in games, some are real SMS games, others are just SG-1000 games or MSX1 conversions, as these games rely on the 'legacy' video modes of SMS:

  1. Super Bubble (BUBBLE BOBBLE)
  2. Tetris (possible some MSX Korean variant or Super Tetris)
  3. Wonder Boy (no clues if is the SG-1000 or SMS version, or either an MSX conversion of Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Shima)
  4. Alex Kidd (Alex Kidd in Miracle World)
  5. Super Mario (probably Super Boy II)
  6. Hello Kang Si (unknown)
  7. Solomon Key (Solomon no Kagi: Oujo Rihita no Namida)
  8. Buk Doo Gun (unknown)
  9. Invaders (SPACE INVADERS, no clues if is the SG-1000 version or a conversion of the MSX version)
  10. Galaxian (MSX conversion)
  11. Galaga (no clues if is an MSX conversion or if is the SG-1000 version)
  12. Flicky
  13. Teddy Boy
  14. Ghost House
  15. Bomb Jack
  16. Kings Valley (King's Valley, MSX conversion)
  17. Pippols (MSX conversion)
  18. Dragon Story (probably The Three Dragon Story)
  19. Spy vs Spy
  20. Pitfall II (no clues if is an MSX conversion or if is the SG-1000 version)
  21. Drol
  22. Pit Pot
  23. Hyper Sport (Hyper Sports, no clues if is an MSX conversion or SG-1000 version)
  24. Super Tank
  25. Congo Bongo
  26. Circus (Circus Charlie, MSX conversion)
  27. Road Fighter (MSX conversion)
  28. Astro (Astro Flash/Transbot)
  29. Goonies (The Goonies, MSX conversion)
  30. Road Runner I (Lode Runner, no clues if is an MSX conversion or if is the SG-1000 version)
  31. Masic Tree (Magical Tree, MSX conversion)
  32. Mouse (Hustle Chummy)

There is another variant of this machine, which has Tri-Formation (Zillion II) instead of Super Bubble.


  • Little is known about this clone, it was distributed by Sono Game in Japan and Seo Jin in South Korea, both without license of Sega.
  • The music used in Menu is the Main BGM of 'My Hero.