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Super Gun is a shoot-'em-up Famicom game developed and released by NTDEC in 1992.


The pilot has lost control of their fighter aircraft, it is being attracted by an unknown magnetic force and is stuck in automatic pilot control. As the pilot's jet enters a forbidden area, they lose contact with the base. The player controls the pilot flying his jet fighter in areas with many enemies and hazards.


The player is presented with similar enemies and patterns throughout every stage, with each being a few minutes long. There are about twelve stages and a credit screen at the end. Power-ups frequently spawn and move around on the stage. Shooting them before grabbing them rewards the player with a more powerful weapon. If the player is hit, they lose their current weapon. If the player has the weakest weapon and takes a hit, they lose a life.


The credits appear right after completing the last stage. There does not appear to be any conclusion to the story whatsoever.

  • Program: Patrick
  • Graphic: Pandy
  • Sound design: Martino


  • Super Gun has a fixed scrolling speed and no bosses.
  • It takes a little more than 45 minutes to beat the whole game.
  • Two versions appear to exist, one copyrighted to NTDEC which was seen on individual CN-12 Super Gun cartridges, and one crediting Caltron Industries, which was only seen on the canceled Caltron 9-in-1 compilation. A prototype exists, however.