Super II Sonik
Chaoji Yinsu Xiaozi II - Super Sonik II (Unl) (Chn) -C- -Cracked- 1563447503506
Title screen.
Hack of Pokemon Platinum
Publisher Sintax
Console Game Boy Color
Date 2001 or later

Super II Sonik (超级音速小子 Super Sonic 2) is a Game Boy Color game made by Sintax. It is a hack of Pokemon Platinum, another Sintax title, starring Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. The orders of the levels have also been switched around. As with Pokemon Platinum, there is a MP bar at the bottom which seems to not actually be functional.


  • Some of the graphics are modified from Sonic Advance, implying a release of 2001 or later.
  • This game is among the few Game Boy Color bootlegs that is also compatible with the original Game Boy, although some graphics appear rather strange when doing so.


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