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Super Lion King is a Famicom port of Disney's The Lion King, originally made by Westwood for Sega Mega Drive, created by Super Game and published by Realtec at an unknown date (1995 or early 1996). It's also known to be Super Game's first port to be released in public (with BomberBoy, a port of Mega Bomberman for Mega Drive, delayed and eventually left unfinished in favor of Super Lion King).


Super Lion King - Gameplay

Super Lion King's gameplay.

This bootleg port is widely considered to be more accurate, faithful, & playable to the original Mega Drive game, compared to the official port developed by Dark Technologies and published by Virgin, despite that version including The Stampede, The Elephant Graveyard, and Exile levels not available in Super Lion King. In turn, though, the bootleg does include the levels after Hakuna Matata as opposed to Dark Technologies's version.

Two versions of this game exist; the full one retains the Bug Toss bonus stage (and shows the "Super Game" splash screen a bit longer), while the mapper 4 version (more widespread and more popular on the newest pirate reproduction carts) doesn't.





  • There's an extra Super Game logo hidden inside the graphics of the ROM, which is emblazoned with "K64." It's unknown what "K64" means, but is speculated to stand for "King 64".
  • The opening (Circle Of Life) and ending (Can You Feel The Love Tonight?) themes are swapped in this version.