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Super Mario Sonik 2
Title Screen
Hack of Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 2
Publisher JY Company
Original developer Capcom
Console Famicom/NES
Date 1995?

Super Mario 'n Sonik 2, also known as Super Mario & Sonic 2, Super Mario Sonik 2 and Hi 'n Al: Rescue Rangers is a pirate hack of Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers 2 for the Famicom in 1994.


Unlike the original game, it starts up with the option of choosing between four pairs of characters, all of whom behave identically. (Mario & Sonic, Chip & Dale, Mario & Luigi, and Sonic & Knuckles) Mario's sprites are edited from Super Mario Bros. 3, but Sonic's are completely custom and poorly drawn.

The title screen reads Disney's Hi and Al Rescue Rangers 2 and the game is now broken as it crashes after the first boss.


  • The PCB of the original cartridge shown below has YY840639C on it. That code translates to June '95.
  • This game operates on mapper 91 which is a cut-down version of mapper 90 by JY Company. Maybe one cartridge contains the original mapper?