Super Mario & Sonik 2

Super Mario Sonik 2

Title Screen
Hack of Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 2
Publisher JY Company
Original developer Capcom
Console Famicom/NES
Date 1995?

Super Mario 'n Sonik 2, also known as Super Mario & Sonic 2, Super Mario Sonik 2 and Hi 'n Al: Rescue Rangers is a pirate hack of Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers 2 for the Famicom in 1994.


Unlike the original game, it starts up with the option of choosing between four pairs of characters, all of whom behave identically. (Mario & Sonic, Chip & Dale, Mario & Luigi, and Sonic & Knuckles) Mario's sprites are edited from Super Mario Bros. 3, but Sonic's are completely custom and poorly drawn.

The title screen reads Disney's Hi and Al Rescue Rangers 2 and the game is now broken as it crashes after the first boss. There is a mapper variation that does pass the boss.


  • The PCB of the original cartridge shown below has YY840639C on it. That code translates to June '95. But this is also the same date the satteliview came out as well.
  • This game operates on mapper 91 which is a cut-down version of mapper 90 by JY Company. Maybe one cartridge contains the original mapper?
  • There is also a pirated remake of this game called mario's adventures 3 in chinese as well. The sprites were redrawn to mario characters and the sonic sprites have been removed in the rom.


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