Super Mario 4
Title screen.
Hack of Crayon Shin Chan 4
Developer Unknown, claims to be Nintendo
Original developer Bandai
Console Game Boy
Date 1997

Super Mario 4 (aka Super Mario Land 4, Super Mario World[1]) is a hack of the Game Boy game Crayon Shin Chan 4, originally by Bandai. It is a very common title on multicarts, and can be difficult to obtain in stand-alone form.

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Super Mario 4 is one of the most commonly found hacks on the Game Boy. The hacker (who claims to be Nintendo) changed a large amount of content. The level design is completely different and is the main subject of the game's criticism due to the borderline unfair increase in difficulty when compared to Crayon Shin Chan 4; this issue is also worsened by the lack of a password system and the removal of continues. The game has four levels, all of which are incredibly lengthy.

The story has been removed in an attempt to make the game look original, while most of the sprites are replaced with those from several Mario games (including Donkey Kong as the final boss) as well as the title screen which is based on the Japanese Super Mario 64 boxart. Yoshi is also in the game as a power-up, turning Mario into an invincible Yoshi with a powerful breath attack for a limited time.

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  • Various sprites are stolen from Super Mario Land 2, Yoshi's Cookie, and Mario & Yoshi (also known as Yoshi in North America).
  • The new level design is very challenging, and sometimes unfair; the game now includes many blind jumps and areas that require Mario to take damage in order to progress, making for a rather frustrating experience.
  • The game header calls it "TURN AND BURN", which is a flight simulator released for the Game Boy.
  • In some versions, if played on a Super Gameboy. The custom border used in Crayon Shin Chan will appear.[2]

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