This article is about the PC Engine. For the Mega Drive version, see Super Mario Bros. (Sega Mega Drive).
Super Mario Bros.
Title screen.
Publisher Image
Developer Image
Original developer Nintendo
Console PC Engine
Date 1993

The PC Engine port of Super Mario Bros. is a pirate port of the NES game with the same name, released by Image in 1993. It was originated from a "multiHuCARD" with NES / Famicom games, released by the same company.


It's about the same as the NES version (even the Nintendo copyright is retained), however, the gameplay and music are 10% faster than normal, because this conversion was taken from the European version of the game, which was optimized for PAL (or 50Hz) systems. Since the PC Engine (or TurboGrafx-16) does not have a PAL / 50Hz model, the port runs as if is playing the original PAL version onto a NTSC / 60Hz NES / Famicom. The colors are bit off too.


  • This version was originated in two multiHuCARDs called 5-in-1 Fami Collection, released by Image in 1993 too. However, little is known about them, and is presumably that both HuCARDs was never released outside of Eurasia. The game was extracted separately from the compilation by someone.
  • Image was (still?) a demoscene group from Finland according to some sources. Image was also a cracking group too, and converted several NES / Famicom and Apple games to PC Engine.



PC Engine Longplay 298 5 6 -in-1 Famicom Collection Super Mario Bros. (Unlicensed)

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