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This article is about Super Mario Bros. (Sega Mega Drive). For games with a similar title, see Super Mario Bros. (disambiguation).

Super Mario Bros. is a unauthorized port of the Famicom game with the same name to the Mega Drive. It was originally released as a homebrew game by Mairtrus, known as SMB4MD. However, as with many homebrew games on the Mega Drive, it was hacked and sold as a pirate game, credited to KDS (Kudos). The most common way to play this game is usually via a multicart containing this game and a homebrew port of Battle City, which was also hacked to credit Kudos.


The gameplay is the same as the original game as it is a direct port of 75% of the original game's source code. The only aspects of the game that are different from the Famicom original are the sound engine (i.e. all music and sound effects were adjusted to play natively on Mega Drive sound hardware) and the controls, which the B button is used for running and the A and C buttons are used for jumping. The ending is also the same as the original.


  • Most pirated versions of this game tend to edit out the original homebrew game's copyright information, which originally displayed "©1985 Nintendo 2010 Mairtrus"