This article is about the Mega Drive. For the PC Engine version, see Super Mario Bros. (PC Engine).
Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros. Mega Drive title screen
Title screen.
Publisher KDS
Original developer Nintendo, Mairtrus
Console Sega Mega Drive
Date 2010-06-30
Alternate names/hacks Mario & Battle City

Super Mario Bros. is a unauthorized port of game (with the same name) to Mega Drive. It was released as homebrew for the console as SMB4MD. However, as many MD homebrew games, it was sold as a pirate game and it was credited to KDS (Kudos), and most of the times, was bundled with BattleCity (which was also a homebrew port), and also is credited by KDS.

Gameplay Edit

Same as original game, but slower in PAL speed. You will defeat enemies, swim underwater, defeat boss, and got the ending. Ending is almost same as original.

Trivia Edit

  • If you enter the same code as the Felix the Cat port, it will open the "secret menu".
  • This was another game to be credited to Kudos.
  • Because title screen is the same, the Nintendo copyright is left intact. That's because they maybe converted whole NES game into Mega Drive game. In pirate releases, the Nintendo copyright was deleted.
  • Leftover Copyright text: ©1985 Nintendo 2010 Mairtrus.
  • Music may be converted from .mod files.
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