Super Mario Bros.
Title screen.
Original developer Nintendo
Console Sharp X68000
Date 19??
Engine Metro16 Runtime

The Sharp X68000 version of Super Mario Bros. is a way-to-play the NES game of the same name, released in Japan from unknown sources (maybe could be from a BBS). Rather than a port or a conversion, it is a unauthorized emulation, despite this version is just 100% identical to the NES version however.

Overview Edit

This still same as the NES version, however, color palette does not match the original game and the sound emulation is not 100% accurate, as this can be heard from the Noise channel. This a fault of the NES emulator for X68000.

This game relies on a Joystick for X68000 for controlling Mario most of the time, while the Opt. 1 and Opt. 2 keys on X68000 keyboard serves as Select and Start respectively. Since the X68000 use the Atari standard of controller ports, either MSX, Sega Master System or Sega Mega Drive controllers could be used.

Trivia Edit

  • Aside from the emulator and the autorun files, the disk of the game has the original NES ROM included, but it are not in iNES File Format: They have both CHR and PRG ROMs separated, and a extra DAT file, with unknown use.
  • A lot of earlier Famicom games, such as Wrecking Crew, Balloon Fight and Bomberman also received the same treatment, by using a simple, but satisfactory in terms of accuracy, NES emulator to run small NES games. Some of them has people credited somewhere on the disk files however.