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This article is about Super Mario Bros. (X68000). For games with a similar title, see Super Mario Bros. (disambiguation).

The Sharp X68000 version of Super Mario Bros. is an emulation of the NES game with the same name. It was released in Japan from unknown sources (possibly from a BBS). Everything is nearly identical to the original.


Everything in Super Mario Bros. is the same as the NES version, other than the color palette. The sound overall is also somewhat different. This is due to the poor quality of emulation in these areas.

Super Mario Bros. relies on a joystick for the X68000 to control Mario, while the Opt. 1 and Opt. 2 keys on the X68000 keyboard serve as Select and Start buttons, respectively. Since the X68000 uses the Atari standard controller ports, either the MSX, Sega Master System, or Sega Mega Drive controllers can be used.


  • Aside from the emulator and autorun files, the game disk contains the original NES ROM. Strangely, it's not in an iNES file format; it has both the CHR and PRG ROMs separated, and an extra DAT file for an unknown use.
  • A lot of earlier Famicom games, such as Wrecking Crew, Balloon Fight, and Bomberman also received the same treatment. A simple, but satisfactory, NES emulator was used to run these small NES games, several of which had people credited in the disk's files.
  • You can't use shells to knockup enemies for some bizarre reason.