Super Mario Bros.
Title screen.
Original developer Nintendo
Console Sharp X68000
Date 1985
Engine Metro16 Runtime

The Sharp X68000 version of Super Mario Bros. is a way-to-play the NES game of the same name, released in Japan from unknown sources (maybe could be from a BBS). Rather than a port or a conversion, it is an unauthorized emulation, despite this version is just 100% identical to the NES version however.


This still the same as the NES version, however, color palette does not match the original game and the sound emulation is not 100% accurate, as this can be heard from the noise channel. This is all the NES emulator's fault for the X68000.

This game relies on a joystick for X68000 for controlling Mario most of the time, while the Opt. 1 and Opt. 2 keys on the X68000 keyboard serve as a Select and Start respectively. Since the X68000 use thes Atari standard of controller ports, either MSX, Sega Master System or Sega Mega Drive controllers could be used.


  • Aside from the emulator and the autorun files, the disk of the game has the original NES ROM included, but it are not in iNES File Format: They have both CHR and PRG ROMs separated, and a extra DAT file, with unknown use.
  • A lot of earlier Famicom games, such as Wrecking Crew, Balloon Fight and Bomberman also received the same treatment, by using a simple, but satisfactory in terms of accuracy, NES emulator to run small NES games. Some of them has people credited somewhere on the disk files h owever.
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