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Super Mario Bros. Remix 45-in-1 is a pirate Mario-themed Famicom/NES multicart.


Super Mario Bros

This multicart is 8 megabytes in size and contains 45 variations of 4 different games. The game list contains 27 ROM hacks of Super Mario Bros., three hacks of Super Mario Bros. 2, 14 hacks of Super Mario Bros. 3 and one hack of Final Fantasy. The original unhacked versions of the games are not included (they all have new levels and/or new graphics, sometimes even new music).

Pressing Left or Right will take the player to the previous/next menu screen and pressing A or B will skip 4 screens (36 games) at once.

The cartridge comes with a working save battery, however only one game can be saved at a time (launching any other game that uses SRAM will overwrite the save data). Two of the included games support the save feature.

List of Games[]

  1. All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. (Hack of SMB1)
  2. Extra Mario Bros. (Hack of SMB1)
  3. Super Mario Bros.: Ice Mario (Hack of SMB1)
  4. Luigi Bros. (Hack of SMB1)
  5. Luigi's Chronicles! 2 (Hack of SMB3)
  6. Luigi Ghost House Story (Hack of SMB1)
  7. Mario Adventure (Hack of SMB3)
  8. Mario Chronicles (Hack of SMB3)
  9. Mario Evolution! (Hack of SMB1)
  10. Super Mario Bros.: Mario in Zebes (Hack of SMB1)
  11. New Super Mario Bros. 3 Returns (Hack of SMB3)
  12. Present Panic!: A Princess Adventure (Hack of SMB3)
  13. Royal Flush: Princess Sidestory (Hack of SMB3)
  14. Super Luigi Forgotten Adventure (Hack of SMB1)
  15. Super Mario Bros.: After World 8 (Hack of SMB1)
  16. Super Mario Bros. DX (Hack of SMB1)
  17. Super Mario Evolution (True) (Hack of SMB1)
  18. Super Mario Bros. Revisited (Hack of SMB1)
  19. Super Mario Bros. Special (Hack of SMB1)
  20. Special Mario (Hack of SMB1)
  21. Super Mario Bros.: Tropical Island (Hack of SMB1)
  22. Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan) (Hack of SMB1)
  23. Super Mario Bros. 2: Christmas Edition (Hack of SMB2)
  24. Super Mario Bros. 2: Master Quest (Hack of SMB2)
  25. Super Mario Bros. 2: Ridley X (Hack of SMB2)
  26. Super Mario Bros. 3Mix (Hack of SMB3) (Battery save option)
  27. Super Mario Bros.: Chaos Control (Hack of SMB3)
  28. Super Mario Bros. 3 : Xmas Edition (Hack of SMB3)
  29. Kaizo Mario Bros. 3 (Hack of SMB3)
  30. New Super Mario Bros. 3 Redemption (Hack of SMB3)
  31. Super Mario Fantasy Adventure (Hack of Final Fantasy) (Battery save option)
  32. Quick Bros. (Hack of SMB3)
  33. Super Mario Sister (Hack of SMB3)
  34. Super Mario Unlimited (Hack of SMB1)
  35. Super Wario Bros. (Hack of SMB1)
  36. Super Wario Bros. 3 (Hack of SMB3)
  37. Toad's Christmas Adventure (Hack of SMB1.)
  38. Toad's Adventure: Where's Mario? (Hack of SMB1)
  39. Toad's Treasure Quest (Hack of SMB1)
  40. Toadette's Christmas Adventure (Hack of SMB1)
  41. Waluigi's Adventure (Hack of SMB1)
  42. EDS Mario Bros. (Hack of SMB1)
  43. Super Mario Bros.: Hanshin Tigers Giabbit Hunting (Hack of SMB1)
  44. Super Mario 263 Shiki (Hack of SMB1)
  45. Weird Super Mario Bros. (Hack of SMB1)