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This article is about Super Mario World 7. For games with a similar title, see Super Mario World (disambiguation).

Super Mario World 7 is a title screen and sprite hack of the North American/European version of Adventure Island II: Aliens in Paradise. It was released for the Game Boy in 1998 by an unknown company. On some cartridges and multicarts the game is labelled as Super Mario Land 7, however, the they all contain the same game with the title screen on the right.


Super Mario World 7 cuts out the intro cut scene, replacing it with a custom title screen. Master Higgins' sprites have been replaced with the Mario sprites from Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins along with several other sprites to suit the Mario theme. This includes the collectible fruit, which are now Mushrooms, Fire Flowers, and Stars, as well as the enemy snails, which have been replaced with Goomba. Apart from that, the game doesn't divert much from its host game Adventure Island II: Aliens in Paradise.

The Game[]

The game is a stage based platformer with an overworld that is divided into 8 individual worlds of roughly increasing difficulty. They don't follow a cohesive theme, however, there is different level themes including grassy, mountain, ice, underwater, underground, sky, and beach stages. Each world contains 6 main levels, plus 2 additional stages on alternate paths acting as shortcuts. The player will face a unique boss at the end of each world, with the final boss of world 8 being far stronger than the others. Before entering a stage, the player can equip previously obtained items similar to how the system works in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, except it's not on the overworld but on a separate screen after selecting a level.


Since the hack replaces the original intro cut scene with custom a Mario splash screen, the player isn't presented with a story.


The player must complete classical, side-scrolling levels with different platforms, obstacles, and collectibles placed throughout. Mario will gain points for obtaining collectibles and can power up with items while needing to dodge various enemies and stage hazards. To his aid are one of four different dinosaurs with unique properties and several items giving Mario special abilities, similar to the official Mario games.


SuperMarioWorld7 gameplay

Mario throwing a stone axe at a deformed Goomba during gameplay.

There's two different types of items in this game. One is collectibles, which only award Mario points upon touching them akin to coins in the Mario universe. These are fruit in the original game Adventure Island II: Aliens in Paradise but have been changed to a Mushroom, a Fire Flower, and a Star, all without their typical effects in official Mario games. The other type is traditional items, which include a stone axe and a boomerang that will let you throw axes similar to the Hammer Bro Suit and launch returning boomerangs respectively. In certain places the player will also find special vehicles, like a skateboard and a surfboard.


Mario can mount one of four dinosaurs, each with unique abilities. There's two ground dinosaurs, one of which can perform a roll attack and wipe his tail to shoot stars, while the other can breathe fiery projectiles to kill enemies. The winged dinosaur is able to fly and attacks by dropping rocks onto enemies. The last dinosaur is a turtle-like creature that helps Mario swim faster underwater, however, it can also be used on land. It doesn't have a special attack like the other dinosaurs.


There's many enemies with different traits in the game, most of which are modeled after animals. The snails in Adventure Island II: Aliens in Paradise has been replaced with Goomba, however, all of the other enemies such as the spiders, birds, and jellyfish weren't replaced with enemies from the Mario universe and are still present in the ROM hack.


SuperMarioWorld7 credits

The credits screen of Super Mario World 7.

The game uses the same ending as the one of Adventure Island II: Aliens in Paradise, only instead of Master Higgins being repeatedly kissed by his girlfriend, it's Mario receiving the kisses. The names in the credits are the same as in the original game.


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