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This article is about Super Mario World 7. For games with a similar title, see Super Mario World (disambiguation).
Super Mario World 7
Super Mario World 7 - Title screen.png
Title screen.
Hack of Adventure Island II: Aliens in Paradise
Original developer Now Production
Console Game Boy
Date 1998
Alternate names/hacks Super Mario Land 7

Super Mario World 7 is a hack of the North American/European version of Adventure Island II: Aliens in Paradise. It was released for the Game Boy in 1998 by an unknown company.


Super Mario World 7 cuts out the intro cut scene, replacing it with a custom title screen. Master Higgins' sprites have been replaced with Mario's, and several other sprites have been changed to suit the Mario theme (For example, fruit has been replaced with mushrooms, flowers, and stars, and snails have been replaced with Goombas).