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The Super Mini SN-02 is a famiclone that looks like an SNES Classic Edition. It is related to the CoolBaby HD Video Game and Super Mini SFC due to it having the same games as them. It could also be made by the same producer. It has 821 NES games built in, with a majority being pirate games, bootleg hacks and many homebrew hacks, with some of the hacks being extremely offensive (Blackman 2, Dick Kids, etc.).

List of games[]

Super Mini SN-02 Menu screen 2

Alternative Menu screen.

This list is currently incomplete, and due to the fact that some games are not tested, they may not be as expected. Real game names are listed in square brackets.

Total games: 821

  • Action - 413
  • Shoot - 94
  • Sport - 43
  • Fighting - 46
  • Racing - 25
  • Puzzle - 200

Action Games[]

  1. SuperMarioBros3 [Super Mario Bros. 3] (JP version with an incorrect color palette)
  2. SuperMarioBros2 [Super Mario Bros. 2] (US version)
  3. Mario10 (Hack of Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu)
  4. Mario14 (Hack of Kaiketsu Yanchamaru 3: Taiketsu! Zouringen)
  5. Mario16 (Hack of Joe & Mac)
  6. Mario6 (Hack of Tiny Toon Adventures)
  7. Mario9 (Hack of Adventure Island II)
  8. DrMario [Dr. Mario] (Title screen has been removed)
  9. MarioisMissing [Mario is Missing!]
  10. Mario'sTimeMachine [Mario's Time Machine]
  11. SuperMarioBros [Super Mario Bros.]
  12. AdventureIsland [Adventure Island]
  13. AdventureIsland2 [Adventure Island 2]
  14. AdventureIsland3 [Adventure Island 3]
  15. AdventureIsland4 [Adventure Island 4]
  16. ChipDale1 [Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers]
  17. ChipDale2 [Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers 2]
  18. ChipDale3 (Hack of Heavy Barrel)
  19. TinyToonAdventures [Tiny Toon Adventures]
  20. TinyToon2 [Tiny Toon Adventures 2: Trouble in Wackyland]
  21. TinyToon3CrazyCastle (Hack of The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle)
  22. TinyToon4 [Tiny Toon Adventures Cartoon Workshop]
  23. BugsBunnyBirthdayBlowout [The Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout]
  24. Sonic (Somari hack)
  25. AsmikKunLand [Asmik-kun Land]
  26. CavemanNinja [Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja, PAL version]
  27. Cliffhanger
  28. Crash (hack of The Jungle Book)
  29. FelixTheCat [Felix the Cat]
  30. HomeAlone [Home Alone]
  31. Karnov
  32. BlasterMaster [Blaster Master]
  33. ShadowWarriors [Shadow Warriors, PAL version of Ninja Gaiden]
  34. NoahsArk [Noah's Ark]
  35. PanicRestaurant [Panic Restaurant]
  36. PocketMonster
  37. RockinKats [Rockin' Kats]
  38. SpiderMan (Spider-Man, Nice Code Software)
  39. Spiderman2 (Spider-Man 2, Nice Code Software)
  40. Spiderman3 (Spider-Man 3, Nice Code Software)
  41. Star Wars [Star Wars]
  42. The Legend Of Khresna (???)
  43. The Ren Stimpy Show [The Ren & Stimpy Show: Buckeroo$!]
  44. Tom Jerry [Tom & Jerry]
  45. Time Zone [Time Zone]
  46. Wacky Races [Wacky Races]
  47. Whomp 'Em [Whomp 'Em]
  48. Widget [Widget]
  49. Wurm [Wurm: Journey To The Center Of The Earth]
  50. Wagan Land [Wagan Land]
  51. Hello Kitty [???]
  52. Super Adventure [Adventure Island, starts on Area 6]
  53. Jumping Kid (Amusement Park: Jumping Kid?)
  54. Hellfire [Adventure Island, starts on Area 7]
  55. Paperboy [Paperboy]
  56. Final Mission [Final Mission]
  57. Tiny Toon (Tiny Toon Adventures 6?)
  58. Sky Dreamer (Nature Clan: Sky Dreamer, Nice Code)
  59. Forest Kid (Forest kid, Nice Code)
  60. Sea Adventure [Adventure Island, starts on Area 2]
  61. Jungle Explore (???)
  62. Section Z [Section Z]
  63. Mario Bros [Mario Bros.]
  64. Kamikaze (Hack of Super Mario Bros)
  65. Kamikaze2 (Hack of Super Mario Bros)
  66. Kamikaze3 (Hack of Super Mario Bros)
  67. Boar Forestbv (???)
  68. Stortie (???)
  69. Yoshi Hash Cookie (Marijuana themed hack of Yoshi's Cookie)
  70. Yoshi's Cookie [Yoshi's Cookie]
  71. Happy Adventure [Adventure island, starts on Area 3]
  72. Danger Zone (???)
  73. Hot Boy [???]
  74. Angry Marionao (Hack of Super Mario Bros)
  75. Balloon Mario (Hack of Balloon Fight)
  76. Bomber Mario (Hack of Bomber Man)
  77. Forest Adventure (Adventure Island, starts on Area 4)
  78. Spelunk [Spelunker]
  79. Dragon Quest [Dragon Quest]
  80. Circus Mario (Hack of Circus Charlie)

Shoot Games[]

  1. Contra24in1 [Contra, 24-in-1 menu]

Sport Games[]

Fighting Games[]

Racing Games[]

  1. F1 Sensation (F-1 Sensation)
  2. Astro Fang (Astro Fang: Super Machine)
  3. Fire Bird
  4. Project Doom
  5. Roadblas (RoadBlasters; copyright removed, but 1996)
  6. Circle Racing
  7. Colliding
  8. Zippy Race (copyright removed)
  9. Seething
  10. Super Sprint (Tengen)
  11. Vindicators (Tengen)
  12. Deformable
  13. Metro Menia (Metro Mania)
  14. Road Fighter (copyright removed)
  15. F1 Race (F-1 Race; copyright removed)
  16. Excite Bike (Excitebike; copyright removed)
  17. Road Worker
  18. Route16 Turbo (Route -16 Turbo)
  19. Challenger (copyright removed)
  20. UFO Race
  21. Excite Mario Bros. (a hack of Super Mario Bros.)
  22. Lighting
  23. Mach Rider (copyright removed)
  24. Goodhand (a hack of City Connection)
  25. Crypt Car (a hack of Dig Dug)

Puzzle Games[]

  1. Kirby's Adventure [Kirby's Adventure]
  2. Earthworm Jim 3 (Hummer Team)
  3. Tetrastar The Fighter [Tetrastar: The Fighter]
  4. F15 Strike Eagle [F15 Strike Eagle]
  5. Super Donkey Kong Xian (Super Donkey Kong - Xaing Jiao Chuan)
  6. Ultimate Air Combat [Ultimate Air Combat]
  7. Wario No Mori (Wario's Woods, JP Version)
  8. Xia Ke Qing (Xia Ke Qing - Jing He Ci Qin Wang)


The Super Mini SN-02 is notorious for containing several offensive homebrew ROM hacks. It is likely that during the manufacturing process, the console manufacturer simply downloaded a set of NES ROM files from the Internet without examining the contents beforehand.

In 2019, a Tennessee parent bought a Super Mini SN-02 for her children, only to find there was an M.C. Kids hack called "Dick Kids" which contained multiple images of male genitalia. This made regional news headlines. [1]

In 2020, a similar incident in Albuquerque, New Mexico happened when a family brought the same system for their children, this time noticing a racially offensive hack of Super Mario Bros 2 called "Blackman 2" which alters the main character sprites to be black and the enemies sprites to be Ku Klux Klan members. [2]

In 2023, yet another incident occurred when a parent bought a Super Mini SN-02 for her 5 year old son as a Christmas gift and encountered the offensive hacks.[3]


  • The audio cannot be used.
  • There exists several different versions of this console, which include an AV version called the Super Mini SN-01 with 500 games, a wireless version called the Super Mini SN-03 with Super Famicom styled wireless controllers with turbo A and B buttons on top of the start and select buttons, and a version with the games on a microSD card (TF card) and a different game menu.
  • This console appears to be related to the Super Mini SFC and the CoolBaby HD Video Game.