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Super Pika Land, sometimes stylized as Super Pika! Land, is a sprite hack of Super Mario Land centered around Pokémon for the Nintendo Game Boy. It was created by Philip Reuben and published by PR Translations in 2000.


Super Pika Land is a Super Mario Land sprite hack that features Pikachu as the main protagonist with most of the enemies being replaced by various Pokémon. It was made by Philip Reuben who also published the game under his own translation group PR Translations in an initial release in 2000 and then updated it on either 7 or 8 August 2000[1] to add more custom sprites. In addition to the sprites, all the dialogue and text was adjusted to fit the Pokémon theme.

It was subsequently copied by pirate companies and distributed on multicarts starting sometime between the initial release in 2000 and the update in August 2000. Most of the multicarts use the first version of the game with there being no instance of the updated version being used and it's also unknown if the game was ever put on stand-alone cartridges besides modern reproductions on sites like Etsy.


As this is a sprite hack, the gameplay is retained from the host game Super Mario Land and no new gameplay elements are introduced. All of the changes are purely cosmetical which are discussed in detail below.

Sprite Changes[]

The hack has a custom title screen replacing the "Super Mario Land" text with "Super Pika! Land" as well as having Pikachu peek from behind the sign instead of Mario. The cursor was also changed to Pikachu's tail and the copyright is now given to "PR TRANS", short for PR Translations.

Super pika land jessie

Raichu next to Jessie from Team Rocket and Weedle

Most notably, the player controls Pikachu instead of Mario and all of the enemies have been changed to different Pokémon. Big Mario was fittingly replaced with Raichu and the submarine and airplane were changed to the surfing Pikachu and flying Pikachu respectively.

Likewise, the items and other elements of the levels have been adjusted to fit the Pokémon theme. The Mushroom has been replaced with a thunderstone and the Flower is now a lightning bolt allowing the player to shoot thundershocks once collected. The Star was replaced with a clear Poké Ball and similarly, the Question Mark Blocks are now regular Poké Balls. Additionally, the coins were changed to have a lightning emblem on them. Most of the other ground tiles or unbreakable blocks were changed to sprites from the Pokémon overworld as well, such as tall grass or boulders.

Super pika land final battle

The final battle against Pidgeot

All of the enemies are now different Pokémon from the first two generations and Princess Daisy was replaced with Ash. Notable sprite changes are the bosses of each of the four worlds that are now, in order of their appearance, Entei, Kindra, Chansey and Ho-oh with Pidgeot being the final boss.

List Of Changes[]

A complete list of changes was published by the developer in a readme file bundled with the game. So far, only the list for the updated version of the hack has been found and is listed below.


Old sprite New sprite
Small Mario Pikachu
Big Mario Raichu
Mario in airplane Flying Pikachu/Raichu
Mario in submarine Surfing Pikachu/Raichu
Princess Daisy Ash

Items and Blocks[]

Old sprite New sprite
Mushroom Thunderstone
Flower Lightning Bolt
Fireball Thundershock
Star Clear Poké Ball
Question Mark Block Poké Ball
Coin Lightning Coin
Poison Needles Pokénip


World Original boss New boss
1 Sphinx Entei
2 Dragon Seahorse Kingdra
3 Stone Head Chansey
4 Angry Cloud Ho-Oh
5 Alien in Spacecraft Pidgeot


Original enemy Replacement Pokémon
Goomba Diglett
Koopa Ekans
Piranha Plant Unown
Bullet Bill Star Projectile
Bullet Bill Launcher Mewtwo
Mosquito Jigglypuff
Wasp Pidgey
Small Sphinx Cyndaquil
Fish, Bone Fish Magikarp
Robot Gengar
Seahorse, Fire Seahorse Poliwag
Octopus Staryu
Hopping Stone Head Ledian
Running Stone Head Blissey
Rock Geodude
Ceiling Spider Zubat
Hopping Spider Venomoth
Zombie Jessie from Team Rocket
Flower Bulbasaur
Snake Weedle
Flying Chicken Butterfree
Robo Rocket Lugia
Spiky Ball Electrode
Pipe Fist Mr. Mime

Version Differences[]

There exist two version of Super Pika Land: the initial release which is most common on pirate multicarts, and the updated version which seemingly flew under the pirates' radars and is not known to have been distributed on pirate cartridges. The differences between the versions all pertain to the extent of which sprites have been changed, with the initial release still using many graphics from Super Mario Land such as most elements on the title screen and many of the enemies while the final updated version replaces virtually every sprite with the exception of some generic tiles likes plain blocks or the water surface.

An easy way to tell the versions apart is that the initial release says "PR TRANS..." on the title screen while in the updated version it simply says "PR TRANS".


The credits roll at the end of the game is the same as in Super Mario Land expcept that it also includes "Hacked by P. Reuben".

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  1. Archives of the PR Translations website show the 7th as the release date while the readme file included with the patch says its from the 8th.