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This article is about Super Robot War X. For games with a similar name, see Super Robot Wars (disambiguation).

Super Robot War X (超级机器人大战X) is a tactical role playing game developed and published by Sintax and released in the early 2000s. It is loosely based on Banpresto's Super Robot Wars video game franchise. The songs in the game are taken from the Game Boy game Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen G.


  • This game was released in English on two separate occasions. Both versions are currently undumped.
    • Sintax released an English version with the name Super Robot War X.
    • An unknown company released an alternate English version of this game as Super Robot Taisen R, or just Robot Taisen R on the cart label.
  • The engine used for this game would later be used in Pocket Monster Saphire and its various hacks, as both games share the same header name - "ROBOT WAR v3.00".


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