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This article is about Super Robot Wars: Ultimate Edition. For games with a similar name, see Super Robot Wars (disambiguation).

Super Robot Wars: Ultimate Edition (機械人大戰 - 終極版) is a Chinese-exclusive tactical role-playing game for the Game Boy Advance developed by Vast Fame. It is based on the Super Robot Wars (or Super Robot Taisen) crossover series. No English translation is currently known to exist.


Super Robot Wars: Ultimate Edition appears to be an original take on the Super Robot Wars series, featuring three original characters at the beginning of the game's story. The game is known to use graphics in either edited or original form from Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation, Super Robot Taisen A, and Super Robot Taisen R. The game's title screen in particular uses the background and "PUSH START" text from Super Robot Taisen R's title screen. The game's menu and battle interfaces are copied from the Game Boy Advance game Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation.

The first two battles are completely comprised of original characters. Sprites for the three playable units and the boss units in these battles are either original to this game or edits of sprites from the Super Robot Taisen games, while the character portraits for the pilots of the units appear to be fully original. Enemy sprites are either original or taken from Super Robot Taisen A. The third battle introduces Bright Noa, Amuro Ray, and Fa Yuiry from the Gundam series as playable units. Characters from other mecha works show up in later battles.


The soundtrack heavily consists of music from various games credited to, or otherwise show strong signs of being developed by Vast Fame. This includes but is not limited to Shi Kong Xing Shou, Sheng Shou Wu Yu, Zook Hero 2, Shui Hu Shen Shou, Soul Falchion, Super Fighter 2001 Alpha and Jue Zhan San Guo. With the exception of Jue Zhan San Guo, all recycled tracks are remixed.


  • Buried in the graphics data of this game's ROM are large graphics for the logo and Chinese name of unlicensed game developer and publisher Vast Fame. The same graphics are also present in the games Jue Zhan San Guo and Rockman & Crystal (also known as Zook Man ZX4), the latter also including an unused copyright notice explicitly crediting Vast Fame in its graphics data. This strongly indicates that they were behind the development of this game.
  • The name specified in the header of this game's ROM is "George robot", which is similar to the header name in the ROM of the game Jue Zhan San Guo - "George Sango". This suggests the possibility that the two games were developed on the same engine.
  • When emulating the raw protected dump of the game (which currently only works on mGBA), if you reach Level 20 by selecting the first option on the post-Level 6 cutscene and the second option on the post-Level 15 cutscene and play through 8 rounds during said level, the game will lock up on the map and not register input while music continues to play. It is currently unknown if this bug is present on the original cartridge or if selecting different options during the cutscenes affects Level 20 in any way.


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