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This article is about Super Robot Wars F Final Vol. 2. For games with a similar name, see Super Robot Wars (disambiguation).

Super Robot Wars F Final Vol. 2 (超級機器人大戰F 完結篇2代), named 超級機器人大戰F 完結篇II in-game and 超級機器人大戰F2 on the side of the box, is a bootleg game based on the Super Robot Wars/Super Robot Taisen crossover series released on the Game Boy Color by SKOB. It is a continuation of SKOB's previous game in their F Final series, Super Robot Wars F Final Vol. 1 (超級機器人大戰F 完結篇), and is presumed to be a tactical role-playing game like that game. The game is currently undumped and is not documented anywhere online.



  • The back of the box has symbols indicating that the game will work on a Game Boy Color, but not on a monochrome Game Boy system.