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Supertone Electronics (巨声电子有 限公司) was a motherboard manufacturer that got into the gaming business in the early 90's. They published original games developed by Hummer Team and Rex Soft.


Supertone was the first publisher to release Hummer Team games, starting with Jing Ke Xin Zhuan (being the only games that explicitly credits both Hummer Team and SuperTone). Later games were released by a subsidary (or really closely related company) named Gouder Limited (哥德有限公同, Gē Dé Yǒuxiàn Gōng Tóng).

It's not really known what happened to SuperTone and Ge De Industry Co. after 1995. The same year, Ka Sheng entered the market retailing some SuperTone/Ge De using leftovers PCBs from the companies.[1]

Games Published[]


  • Supertone Electronic Co., Ltd appears in an old AMI BIOS list.[2]