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Syntek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (太欣半導體股份有限公司) is a Taiwanese electronics company that primarily designs and manufactures integrated circuits for various electronic devices. It was founded in 1983 in Hsinchu City, Taiwan, and now currently operates in Taipei, Taiwan. During the 80s and 90s, Syntek would be involved in various activities related to the production of video games and video game consoles in Taiwan.

Hardware clones[]

Syntek is known to have produced hardware clones of the CPU and PPU used in the Famicom named the KC-6005 and KC-6022 respectively, likely intended to be used in Famiclones. They would file a lawsuit against several unidentified individuals for leaking silicon designs for these clones in 1987.[1] The KC-6005 is used in the Pegasus MT777-DX Famiclone.[2]

Involvement with games[]

Credits to Syntek are present in two unlicensed Game Boy games:

Both games listed have "©1992 SYNTEK LTD." copyright notices with Syntek's logo present in the end screens that appear when you complete them, with Magic Ball also containing a large graphic of Syntek's logo and the text "SYNTEK LTD." hidden in its ROM data. These games would be released in 1993 by unlicensed game publisher Gowin. The games are believed to have been developed by people connected to Gamtec and Vast Fame, notably due to versions of them appearing in multicarts released in 2002 by the latter company. It is unknown to what extent Syntek was involved in the production of these games, though trademarks for Magic Ball and Prince Yeh Rude were registered by Syntek in the early 90s[3], suggesting that they intended on releasing the games themselves. Both games are also known to have had releases prior to Gowin's as they were advertised as pack-in games for the Game Fighter, a clone of the DMG Game Boy, and both games are shown in different cartridge shells and with different labels from their Gowin releases.[4]