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TC 2000 is a racing game for Arcade machines, developed by Miky and released in 1989. A Sega Mega Drive "port" was developed and released in 1995. Both games are based around the TC 2000, a real auto car racing event in Argentina, however, both games does not have an official license of them.


Arcade version[]

Aside from being a hack of Pole Position, little is known about the Arcade version.

Mega Drive version[]

The game is a very extensive hack of Super Monaco GP, featuring new content, such as selection of eight cars to play and new billboards around the course (mainly to match companies that sponsored the real TC 2000 at the time). However, some things such as the World Championship mode and Options are removed, leaving the player only to use the Super Monaco GP mode (which is based on the original arcade game). Another change is that the cars are now seen from behind instead of on-seat view. The cars also are only single sprite, compared with more animated F1 cars in the original game. The music of the game remained intact.