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The TV Boy and its successors TV Boy 2 and Super TV Boy are 1990s video game consoles produced by many different companies, including Systema, Akor, and NICS, based upon an unlicensed clone of Atari 2600 hardware. They were widely available across Europe. In the UK they were most visibly available through Argos. An improved version of the TV Boy 2, the Super TV Boy, was made by Akor in 1995.

Users can play any one of 127 built-in games. In the UK, they were marketed with "126 games included"; the Super TV Boy has "127 games included" printed on the packing box.


Resembling a large handheld pad, the systems plug into a TV and operate on either four AA batteries or a 6v power supply. The only difference between a TV Boy and TV Boy 2 is that the former has two 9-pin, Atari-type joystick connectors for the optional use of external joysticks. The TV Boy 2 has no capacity for external joysticks, so only a single player may play using a built-in pad. The system has a jumper labeled NTSC/PAL on its motherboard. There is no cartridge slot for additional games.


The system contains a single 512kB ROM housing 128 programs. One is the program that enables the others to be selected, so only 127 games are included; none of them use any sort of paged ROM scheme.

All 127 are original Atari 2600 games by companies such as Atari, Activision, and Mattel, hacked to remove copyright notices and other assets demonstrating ownership. The colored bars to the left of the A in the Activision logo remain in some games but the company name is excised. False and ambiguous names — such as Mad Kong (Donkey Kong) and The Flying Man (Superman) — are printed on the packing box and in the instruction manual.

For the UK versions, one game originally included with the TV Boy was removed from the TV Boy 2: game #91: Protection (Defender). No replacement game takes its place (it was left non-operational) making the TV Boy 2 a 126-game handheld console. This space was filled in the Super TV Boy with Winter Adventure (Mountain Man). Also, three games were exchanged in the UK: Maze Town (Maze Craze) with Full Attack, Football (Pele's Soccer) with Besieged (Z-Tack), and Duel (Outlaw) with Laser Attack (Laser Blast).

Some of the games slightly alter the graphics of the originals. All play with altered colors — for example, Pitfall! (retitled as The Jungle) is set in a blue forest — because the game ROMs are NTSC versions played on a PAL console.

List of included games

Note that only a few of the games are here. The rest can found on wikipeidia.

  • Desert Strike - Chopper Command (Activision) - 1982 (001)
  • Space 2010 - Demon Attack (Imagic) - 1982 (007)
  • Submarine - Submarine (Unknown) - a clone of Fox M*A*S*H (014)
  • Forest Walk - Pitfall! (Activision) - 1982 (019)
  • Mad Kong - Donkey Kong (Coleco) - 1982 (025)
  • Bowling - Bowling (Atari) - 1978 (036)
  • Around The World - Bobby Is Going Home (Puzzy/Bit Corp.) - previously PAL only - 1983 (044)
  • Car Race - Grand Prix (Activision) - 1982 (067)
  • Luke And The Monsters - Fast Eddie (20th Century Fox) - graphics altered from original - 1982 (090)
  • Protection - Defender (091)
  • Sky Destroyer - Missile Command (Atari) - 1981 (109)
  • Invader - Megamania (Activision) - 1982 (127)
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