The TV Joystick 36 in 1 is a VT03-based Famiclone Plug 'n Play system developed by Timetop.

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The device advertises 36 games, however it only features 12 unique games, while the other 24 are duplicates. The repeats usually remove the title screen and start on different levels. The system's menu is very similar to one used on another plug 'n play, the MiWi. The controller greatly resembles the Samuri 60 in 1, except for a different center logo and a difficulty switch. The switch adds minimal changes to the games, such as removing checkpoints or continues. The X button is actually the A and B buttons combined, pressing them simultaneously. The Y button seemingly has no function in any game included.


  • First Blood - Clone of MERCS.
  • Stoneage - Clone of The Flintstones on Sega Genesis. Levels are copies of the original.
  • Bombs Away - Clone of Bomberman, mostly based on the SNES titles.
  • Gun Force - Clone of Contra.
  • Yo Yo Rabbit - Clone of Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose. The levels and stage themes, however, are unique.
  • Sharp Knight - Clone of Wonder Boy in Monster World. Unlike the original, there is no dialogue.
  • Firebolt - Clone of 1942.
  • Risker - Clone of Blue's Journey.
  • Army Strike - A first-person shooter (presumably cloned game unknown).
  • Adventure - Clone of Don't Pull (from Three Wonders, an arcade multigame). Uses graphics from Tiny Toon Adventures 2 and Kirby's Adventure on the title screen.
  • Ice & Fire Fighter - Clone of Midnight Wanderers (from Three Wonders).
  • Frantic Raindrop - Clone of Smart Ball for SNES. The game is nearly identical to the original.



  • Stoneage and Sharp Knight use music from Waixing's NES port of Legend Of Zelda: A Link to The Past.
  • A 7 in 1 Plug 'n Play made by Timetop also exists. It includes one game not featured on this console, which is Crazy Speed, a F1 Race clone with Super Mario Kart-style graphics. Bombs Away is also renamed Bomb Boy on this unit.
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