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TV Sport Game, or Extreme Version Sport Game 54 in 1, is a plug and play Wii clone console released under the brand name Virtual Interactive (or Vi). The full name of the console on the box is very generic and difficult to make out, but it is likely supposed to be "TV Sport Game plus color 32 bits". It claims to be 32-bit and advertises "HD resolution Display" along with the console having 54 built-in games. The console comes with two controllers that resemble Wiimote controllers. The console unit itself does not resemble the Wii in any way and uses a generic shell, and has the name "Extreme Version Sport Game 54 in 1" printed on top of it. The actual company that produced the TV Sport Game is currently unknown. This console does not appear to be common and is very hard to find for sale.


The menu the TV Sport Game console comes with uses the name Ultimate Sport 54 in 1 Games. Going by the only picture of the menu that's currently available online, the interface, including most of the visible thumbnails for the games, looks almost identical to a menu included in 32-bit Wii clones that typically come with 48 games developed by Shenzhen Niutai Technology Development Co., Ltd., which were released under multiple names in multiple regions (mainly parts of Europe) and likely originated from Qi Sheng Long as the WiWi32.[1][2] Said Wii clones and the 48 in 1 menu and games supposedly use the Sunplus SPG293 according to Chinese copyright filings from Shenzhen Niutai.[3] It's likely that the 54 in 1 menu on the TV Sport Game comes with all or most of the 32-bit Shenzhen Niutai games from the 48 in 1 systems as pictures of said games are shown on the back of the box the system comes in. It's not known how many of the Shenzhen Niutai games were included. Assuming that all 48 games from the 48 in 1 systems are included in the TV Sport Game, though, that would leave 6 extra games at the very least. What all of the extra games are or who they were developed by are currently unknown, but it can be inferred that at least one of the extra games is a soccer/football game, as the same picture of the menu mentioned before shows a thumbnail for one, which isn't on the 32-bit 48 in 1 systems. What is believed to be a preview of the game is also shown on the back of the TV Sport Game box. Another extra game that is possibly included on this system is also shown on the back of the box, which is what appears to be a whack-a-mole game, although whether such a game is actually on the console isn't confirmed at the moment. No such game appears to be included in the 48 in 1 systems.


  • The console and controllers look almost identical to the ones for the Fox Sports 7-in-1. It's worth noting that the Fox Sports 7-in-1 is a 16-bit system that uses a menu identical to the one used in the sports cartridge that comes bundled with Qi Sheng Long's 16-bit Hamy WiWi console, sharing the same music as it as well. The games on the 7-in-1 are also ones known to be developed by Shenzhen Niutai.