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List of Famiclones

salvaged this from wikipedia before it was deleted, because wikipedia sucks giant arses:

This is a list of hardware clones of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

120 in 1 Plug And Play Made By Bluetek, takes the shape of a Dreamcast controller.
2PG Resembles a PSP with its own NES games included on an interchangeable cartridge.
ABC 999
AB Standard 8 bit
Action Gamemaster
Action+Super 6
Advance Bright TV Arcade
Advance Boy
Ashi VCD
Arcade Action
Beta 5
BitSystem Made in Brazil by Dismac
Brightech FCCP03
CherryBomb 2
Computer and game LT-906
Computer Game
Cool boy
CrazyBoy Gaming System
Creation (Found in Pakistan & India - Made in China)
CyFrog (South Korea)
Dance Station
Dendy 8
Dendy Junior II
Double Dragon
Dynavision II – Made in Brazil by Dynacom
Dynavision III – Made in Brazil by Dynacom
Dynavision IV – Made in Brazil by Dynacom
Elevator Action
Ending Man JJ-80-50
Entertainment Computer System
Extreme Box
Family FR Series
Family Boy
Family Game
Family Game Selection set
Family Game (South America)
FC 16 Go
FC Game Console
FC Mobile NOTE: Handheld which plays NES carts. There is also an upgrade called the FC Mobile II, which includes a gun and two wireless controllers, both systems act as stand-alone consoles as well.
FC Twin Video Game System
Fengali Game Station AV 620
Game Player
Game Corner Funmachine
GameKing III (handheld, there's a non-NES clone console with the same name).
Game Stick
Game Theory Admiral
[[Game Player
Gamespower 50
Game Sporz Tennis Game
Game Zone 118
Generation NEX
Gold Leopard King
Golden China
Good Boy
Handy FamiEight
Handyvision – Made in Brazil by Dynacom
Happytime Pumpkin Computer
Hi-Top Game
Home Computer System Power Game
King Game III
Kenga[disambiguation needed] (Russia, 90s)
Kontorland (Türkiye, 1990s)
Liko KL-235
Little Master (India, 1990s)
M3 Pocket
Mastergames 9000
Mastergames Ending Man
Mastergames Mega Power II
Media range of consoles marketed in India
Mega Arcade Action 2
Mega Joy (I & II)
Mega Kid MK-1000
Mega Power
Mega Power 2
Mega Racer
Mega Volante
Megatronix Console Compatta
Micro Genius
Millennium Arcade 3d
MK X Super Action set
NASA Entertainment Computer System
NES Video Game System
Newtendo Super Famcom
Nintoaster, invented by Richard Daluz. It is designed to look like a household toaster and involves inserting cartridges into a slot as if they were slices of bread.
One station
Opera AV Station
Panther[disambiguation needed]
Pegasus MT777DX (popular in Poland, similar to Famicom)
Pegasus IQ-502 (popular in Poland, more modern design, with round controllers resembling the ones used in SNES)
Phantom System – Made in Brazil by Gradiente
PlayPower (I & II)
Pocket Famicom
Polystation 64: The Power Machine
Polystation II
Polystation III
Polystation III Super Soccer system
Polystation Advance
Poly x Box es338
Power Games
Power Player Super Joy III
Power Joy
Prima[disambiguation needed]
PS2 SLIM TV Game Resembles the PS2 Slim.
Quasar Neon Boy
Red Star Polystation
Red Star Super Smart Genius
Retro Duo
Ringo[disambiguation needed]
Rumble Station
Samurai 2000 Fun Grizzler
Samurai Micro genius
Selection SZ 100
Sharp Famicom Titler - licensed by Nintendo.
Sharp Famicom TV - licensed by Nintendo; released in North America as the Sharp Nintendo Television.
Sinostar V Racing Station
Slim 2
Smart Computer Pro
Soccer 98
Soccer Station
Star Trek
Super 8
Super Action Set
Super Com 72
Super Magic Star
Super Megason
Super Joy Fun Stick Player Mech Game Player Game
Supermax Power Joy
Super Ufo Lp-6000
Tenindo Entertainment System
Terminator 1, 2 and 3
Terminator 7
Top Game – models VG-8000 and VG-9000 (dual slot), Made in Brazil by CCE
Tristar 64
Turbo Game – Made in Brazil by CCE
TV Entertainment game
Ultra 8 bit
Venturer Super Start all-in-one
VG Pocket Max
Video Vs. Maxx
Virtual Player
Winner (video game system)
Wireless Xtreme TV game Made by Digitron, resembles the wii.
WizKid (India, 1990s)
X-GAME 360 Resembles an Xbox 360.
Yobo FC Game Console
Z-first Super action set
Z-Station 220
Z-Station 228
Z-Station 400
Zhiliton (Former USSR)
Zhong Tian 3
Zoom Tech

i don't exactly want to put it straight into the article because there are some obvious fake ones, and homebrew/modded stuff which i don't think really counts. plus its quite long - could go on a separate page. anyway i'll leave it here for now. Taizou 17:22, August 22, 2010 (UTC)

Can you point out any of the fake and homebrew/mod stuff? Also your comment about wikipedia made me giggle. KingPepe2010 17:39, August 22, 2010 (UTC)

some of these:
Most of the rest at least sound plausible. though its probably worth googling the more obscure ones. Taizou 19:42, August 22, 2010 (UTC)

GameAxe=real Tristar 64 = real Batman = not sure Super 8 = real Terminator 1, 2 and 3 = real Double Dragon = not sure Action Gamemaster= real but never relished 20:34, January 8, 2011 (UTC)