Waixing connection? Edit

Something I noticed almost immediately in this game is that the fonts used for the titles are straight out of PC Paint, and according to the pause screen, this game is "PRODUCED BY ES".

This seemed awfully suspicious, given that some of Waixing's earlier games had graphics made with PC Paint, and that their product codes begin with "ES".

So then I did some more looking around, because I knew people had transcribed the credits for some of Waixing's games, and found the credits for Super Contra 7. The producer for that game was Fu Zan, and the musician is Mu Kai, both of which match the respective initials shown on this game's pause screen. Seems far too much of a match to be a coincidence, though I'm curious who artist LQ and programmer ZYJ might be. --Codeman38 (talk) 04:17, September 7, 2015 (UTC)

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