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Hi everyone! I do not know who editing this list but can add this: Ji Jia Zhan Shi III. This is a title screen hack of Chinese translated Metal Max. The copyright in the title screen is 2003 Inventor. Thanks! 18:30, June 6, 2017 (UTC)

My Hacks

A few years ago I made several intentionally inventor-like ROM Hacks, some of which are being added to this page. The following Hacks were made by me and are not authentic Inventor games:

  • Cat Chaos
  • Liner
  • Lyko 1 & Lyko 2
  • Penguin World
  • Puffy's Paradise
  • Puyo Boy
  • Ski Cat
  • Space Gay

They got mixed into the project Plug 'n Play ROM Set (entirely my fault). I somewhat alluded to them being real, which I regret doing. I wanted to finally clarify since they're appearing on the wiki now.

Ireallydontcare123456789 (talk) 19:59, March 10, 2019 (UTC)ireallydontcare123456789

Hack Details

Some Hack Details

I know there are hacks with details not shown here. I'm a "lucky owner" of some of these hacks, so I can describe them. Don't forget to put the details into the correct fields.

  • Rush hour (Chase HQ hack):
    • The main screen shows "press start button" only.
    • Demos, stage maps, enemy cars' specifications and instructions are not shown.
    • Regular police car and Rush Hour logo appear after pressing start.
    • Radio is almost entirely cut; only frequency appears, which means no details about enemies are shown.
    • Background sprites (buildings and clouds) are slightly changed.
    • All car colors are changed; player is now given to control pixels of an amaranth Porsche 928, siren is repainted to white.
    • HUD letters are written in different font.
    • Turbo icon is replaced with a static badge.
    • The upper part of the screen (after stage completion) is yellowish, the lower part is blank gray.
    • This hack seems to be done by AIM CO LMT (or something around that) in 2002 (it's not an Inventor's hack!). The credits appear only after you complete the entire game (they're not put on the main screen for unknown reason).
  • Puzz Up (BPS Tetris hack):
    • This hack seems to be official Inventor's hack, hence this company's logo appears after loading this game up.
    • Background is shown as if the game's action time was around evening instead of night.
    • Game goes back directly to main screen after completing stage 9 of round 5 (firework animation is cut).
  • Aether (WarpMan hack):
    • Heavily hacked game. Players' sprites are changed into a some sort of airplanes.
    • Pause and shot sounds are modified, the music is changed as well.
  • Obstacle Race (Zippy Race hack):
    • Music is changed on N-Joypad game set. It's unknown whether the music is taken from Zippy Race on other shits.
    • HUD (placed on the right) is repainted to cyan.
    • Speed unit is MPH, but the numbers remain the same (you ride the motorcycle at 180 MPH, but you feel even lower speed - as if you were riding at somewhat less than 180 km\h).
  • Mad Trip: Los Angeles to Y.N (Rad Racer hack):
    • Graphical hack - cars and HUD are slightly repainted.
    • Crashes after level 1.
  • Air Ship (Road Fighter hack):
    • Game commencement theme is different (even than from the one included in Boat Race).
    • Stage completion theme (and boats themselves) taken from Boat Race.
    • Level 3 is a straight without turns. After this stage, the hack goes back to course 1.
  • Top Shot (Galaga hack):
    • Shot, stage count and extra life sounds are changed.
    • Music is removed.
    • Background is black, whereas in Battle (another Galaga hack) the background is bluish. Battle is closer to Galaga than Top Shot.
  • Slalom (Antarctic Adventure hack):
    • Easy, Normal and Hard replace Level 1; 2 and 3 texts on the main screen. Choice icon is a heart instead of a palm.
    • Music is not played on stage 1, but after it.
  • Combata (Ninja Kun hack):
    • Music is short, awful, but "luckily" played after resuming the game (when previously paused).
    • Boxes replace rocks in terms of background.
  • Ultimate Speed (Ferrari GP Challenge hack):
    • Formula 1 race cars are changed into unknown type of cars.
    • All the races are held at early evening.
    • Pit road can be entered, but only on GP course 1 (America). After this course, even if you drive into the pit road, you will not be able to change the tires, because that screen is cut. Moreover, tires will remain worn, making this hack impossible to complete.

I think there are even more details in all the hacks, but editing this section takes a loooooot of time. 21:16, April 17, 2020 (UTC)