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Final cart

Do we know if the JY-130 cart is actually made by the same JY? I actually have one of those (the first version from 2003, with no year on the label), it doesnt seem like a JY product at all to me, and no other JY product is dated later than 2000. Plus JY IDs were always sequential (more or less), they never used the number of games on a cart as an ID. It could just be some other company that randomly happened upon the two letters "JY" for its ID no, or decided to cash in on the "real" JY's legacy. I could crack it open and take a look at the PCB if that'd clear things up at all. Taizou 04:05, August 16, 2010 (UTC)

For that kind of talk, it would be easier to use the forums... For me it's more likely it's the same one. JY carts from JY-314 to JY-812 use the same PCB codes to number their boards. I don't know for JY-130 but please do not break the cartridge to see the PCB code. I would be interested to buy it instead of seeing it broken. Recent JY cartridges were MASS produced so they could have win the money without the need to make different ones. And JY-802 was made in 2003. It is included between the JY-314 -> JY-812. So it is the same JY. Also the writing on JY-802 is similar to the old ones (for the ID). I'm pretty sure it's the same JY but they decided to make cheap stuff instead. MLJY 09:26, August 16, 2010 (UTC)

Well yeah, I don't intend to break it - if I can't open it without damaging the tabs, I won't open it. the lower two seem quite hard to get out with this cart design so I might have to abandon that idea. ill start a topic on the forums if i have any luck though. Taizou 11:44, August 16, 2010 (UTC)


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