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Tecnobits is a brand of plug & play and electronic handheld systems. The consoles are distributed exclusively in Mexico by a company called Magic Toys.


Tecnobits is comparable to the DreamGEAR "My Arcade" line in the United States; the consoles are generally Famiclone-based (including VT-based chipsets), and feature games from Inventor and Nice Code Software. However, the Tecnobits consoles additionally feature genuine Famicom/NES games loosely translated into Spanish (e.g. Adventure Island as "Cavernicola" and Tetris as "Cuadritos"), with their original graphics intact.

Some Inventor-hacked games appear to be earlier, or otherwise alternate versions compared to other companies' releases. For example, Pandamar retains the original Super Mario Bros. music; while the music is heavily altered on non-Tecnobits consoles. The VT369-based "Tecnobits Mini Arcade Station" - comprised mostly of Cube Technology hacks - appears to feature games entirely exclusive to that console, including a Spartan X hack and several original puzzle games.

Tecnobits distributed a variant of the infamous Nanica Smitch console, rebranded as the "Color Swift" and with an altered game list.