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This article is about Tekken 2 for the Famicom. For the Super NES/Famicom version, see Tekken 2 (SNES).

Tekken 2 is a bootleg fighting game made by Hummer Team and published by J.Y. Company for the Famicom. Despite its name, it is based on the original Tekken.



Tekken 2's Gameplay, with the Hummer Team reference in the background.

This is a fighting game based on Tekken. Unlike the other games that use the Kart Fighter engine, (except for Street Fighter IV and Garou Densetsu Special) the 2-player mode is a separate option on the title screen. There are 8 characters in total, with a repeat of each one. They are Wang, Heihachi, Nina, Paul, Kazuya, (misspelled Kazuyz on the win screen) Michelle, King, and Law. However, the latter 3 aren't playable in the Super 24-in-1 release of this game. The gameplay is similar to other Kart Fighter engine games, although like in Tekken there are no projectiles and some of the specials are combos. The ending is a simple slideshow of all of the characters' victory poses.

The graphics are taken from Tekken and simplified, with the backgrounds having multi-layered scrolling due to the Famicom's hardware limitations. Strangely, the intro from Tekken was ported into the game as well, which can be seen by waiting on the title screen. When someone wins a match, an image of the character's victory pose appears with the subtitle "(character's name) WINS!" although this was removed in Tekken 3, its mapper hack, and the Super 24-in-1 version; it is replaced with a generic Win/Lose screen. This is because the CHR ROM in those versions was reduced from 512KB to 256KB.

The music is mostly taken from Tekken as well, with each character having their own theme and stage. However, Paul's theme is a rendition of the Fear Factory theme from Donkey Kong Country, which was used in Donkey Kong Country 4, another game made by Hummer Team (possibly suggesting that DKC4 was in development at the time this game was released,) and Kazuya's theme is reused from Dragon Ball Z - Super Butoden 2. And, although it doesn't seem to be used, the congratulations music from Kart Fighter is present within the game, suggesting this game was likely built off of Kart Fighter or another game using its engine.


  • Tekken 2 has two different title screens. The second one, which is taken from Battle Arena Toshinden, can be accessed by doing a soft reset on the game.
  • Like in Street Fighter Zero 2 '97, the round end noise occasionally won't play, although it happens less often in this game.
  • The J.Y. Company logo can be activated by pressing Up, Right, Up, Right, Right, Right, Up, Left at the title screen.
  • The cartridge of Tekken 2 depicts Lei Wulong on the right (since he debuts in the actual version of Tekken 2), despite not ever being seen in the bootleg at any point.
  • Many ROM hacks just change the title screen. Some of them are found nowadays on newer multicarts.


  1. The first print has the following unique identifier printed on the PCB: YY850922C, which suggests a late 1996 release date.