Tekken Special
TekkenSpecial TitleScreen.png
Tekken Special's title screen.
Developer Gamtec(?)
Console Sega Mega Drive
Date 1996 or 1997
Engine Mega Drive Fighting Engine
Sound engine High Seas Havoc
Alternate names/hacks Tekken 3 Special

Tekken Special is a bootleg port of Tekken 2 for the Mega Drive.


Tekken 3 Special's Gameplay. Note the fireball attack, which wasn't in Tekken 2.

The game's engine is heavily based on Virtua Fighter 2 VS Tekken 2 which in turn, inherits the Virtua Fighter 2 control scheme (A to block, B to punch, C to kick), the 2D fighting gameplay (automatic turning around, stages looping forever) and many of its other flaws (such as only being able to jump attack when pressing the attack button at the same time you jump, combos not connecting properly). The only notable changes is the inclusion of an actual jump punch, the recover attack command has been changed (to Up + B) and being unable to get hit while you're down. However, there's a new bug where if you get hit in the middle of the walk, you don't get interrupted.

The Tekken cast from Virtua Fighter 2 VS Tekken 2 returns, retaining their original moves (although some of their move commands have been changed for unknown reasons). This game also adds Yoshimitsu, Nina Williams and Marshall Law as well to the roster. For whatever reason, with the exception of Law all the characters now have a projectile attack despite never having one in the original Tekken 2.

Arcade mode basically consists of fighting a pre-determined order of characters (although the order depends on said character) that leads to a simple screen saying "Congratulations!". The AI is notably cheap as they can block during any grounded attack and pull out special moves with ease and juggle you.

The fighters' graphics are now 2D sprites based on their 3D models. The original Tekken cast from Virtua Fighter 2 VS Tekken 2 seem to use the same bases (complete with alternate outfits and the wrong color for Heihachi) but have been completely redrawn and reanimated. The stages seem to be screenshots digitized and mirrored horizontally and lack any kind of animation. The sound engine is from High Seas Havoc this time around and most of the tracks seem to be original save for two that are from Sonic the Fighters.


Kazuya Mishima

  • Demon Slayer (Only the first two punches) - B, C, B
  • Dragon Uppercut - Forward, Down, Down-Forward, Forward + B
  • Left Splits Kick - Forward, Down, Down-Forward, Forward + C
  • Leaping Side Kick - Forward, Forward, Forward, C
  • Dragon Punch into Sweep Kick - Forward, Down, Forward, B + C
  • Lightning Screw Uppercut - Back, Down-Back, Down, Down-Forward, Forward, B or Back, Forward + C or Back + B + C
  • Spinning Demon - Forward, C, C, C, C

Lee Chaolan

  • Crescent Kick (Only performs the flip kick) - C, Up, C
  • Shaolin Spin Kick - C, C, B. C
  • Rave War Combo - Forward, B, B, B
  • Left Splits Kick - Forward, Down, Down-Forward, Forward + C
  • Spinning Slide Kick - Down, Neutral, Down-Forward, C (Makes Lee hop into the air instead)
  • Silver Cyclone - Down + B + C
  • Projectile - Forward, Back, Down-Back, Down, Down-Forward, Forward + B

Paul Phoenix

  • Jab + Straight - B, C, B
  • Flash Elbow - Forward, Back, B
  • Hammer Punch - Down, B+C
  • Phoenix Smasher - Down, Down-Forward, Forward + B
  • Neutron Bomb - Forward, Forward, C
  • Flying Twin Kicks - Back, C, C
  • Triple Kick Combo - Forward, C, C, Forward, C
  • Burning Fist - Back + B + C
  • Projectile - Forward, Back, Down-Back, Down, Down-Forward, Forward + B

Jun Kazama

  • Whiplash - B, C, B
  • Double Lift Kick - Down + B + C
  • 3 Ring Circus (First two parts) - B + C, B
  • 3 Ring Circus - B + C, B, C
  • Tooth Fairy - Forward, B + C
  • Scissor Spin Kick - Forward + C
  • Windmill Kick - Back + C
  • Spinning High Kick - Back, Down-Back, Down, Down-Forward, Forward + C


  • 3 Kick Combo - C, C, C
  • Knee Bash - Forward, Forward, C
  • Harakiri - Down, Neutral, B+C (Yoshimitsu will actually turn around unlike the normal Harakiri in Tekken 2.)
  • Sword Poke - Back, Back + B
  • Stone Fist - Back, B, B, B
  • Shark Attack Blow - Forward, Forward, B+C, B+C, B+C
  • Spinning Harakiri - Forward, B + C
  • Roll + Swipe - Back, Down-Back, Down, Down-Forward, Forward, B (Seems to be an original move and not from Tekken 2

Heihachi Mishima

  • Flash Punch Combo - B, B, C, B
  • Dragon Uppercut - Forward, Down, Down-Forward + B
  • Heavy Power Punch - Down, Forward, B
  • Jumping Mid Kick - Forward + C
  • Axe Kick - Forward, Down, Down-Forward + C
  • Spinning Demon - Forward, Down, Down-Forward + C, C, C (This move seems (near?) impossible to pull off due to the command buffer. Heihachi also leaps during this.
  • Lightning Hammer - Down + B + C
  • Lighting Wave - Forward, Forward, Forward, Forward, C

Nina Williams

  • Blonde Bomb - Forward, Forward, Punch + Kick
  • Fireball - Back, Down, Forward, B
  • Left Backhand Body Blow - Back, Neutral, B
  • Can Opener - Forward, Kick, Punch, Kick (Nina performs the other kicks in mid-air since she jumps rather high)
  • Winding Kick Combo - Down, Neutral, Kick, Punch, Forward, Kick
  • Hunting Swan - Down, Neutral + Punch + Kick
  • Creeping Snake - Down, Neutral, Kick, Punch, Punch, Kick
  • Flash Kicks - Down, Neutral, C, C, C, C
  • Jail Crusher - Punch, Punch, Down, Kick, Kick

Marshall Law

  • Rave War Combo - B, B, C, B
  • Back, C, C, C
  • Running Side Kick - Forward, Forward, Forward, C
  • Catapult Kick Low - Down, Up + C
  • Shin Kick, High Kick, Mid Kick - Down, Neutral, C, C, C
  • Charge Power Punch - Down-Back, Neutral, B + C
  • Flaming Kick - Left, Right, C (Seems to be an original move and not from Tekken 2)
  • Triple Head Kick - C, C, C
  • Back Flipper - B + C, C
  • Crescent Kick - C, B + C
  • Front Kick to Somersault - Forward, C, C
  • Shin Kick, High Kick, Mid Kick, Flip Kick - Down, Neutral, C, C, C, C


  • Kazuya Mishima - Jun Kazama's stage
  • Lee Chaolan - Paul Phoenix's stage
  • Paul Phoenix - Lee Chaolan's stage
  • Jun Kazama - Prototype Jack's stage
  • Yoshimitsu - Baek Doo San's stage
  • Heihachi Mishima - Kunimitsu's stage (Theme: South Island from Sonic the Fighters)
  • Nina Williams - Ganryu's stage (Theme: Flying Carpet from Sonic the Fighters)
  • Marshall Law - Kuma's stage

Connections / Trivia

  • A title hack exists known as Tekken 3 Special which appears to be more known. This hack increases the resolution of the title screen (and the options screen, creating some empty space) in order to accommodate for the "3" in the title. However, this in turn makes the menu and the title screen off-center.
  • This game has a SNES counterpart known as Tekken 2. Unlike most of these Gamtec-related Mega Drive/SNES games, it's unknown if the SNES succeeds this game due to the following reasons:
    • Tekken 2 obviously sticks with the original title while Tekken Special is clearly modified from it.
    • Nina and Law are missing from Tekkebn 2, both who appear to have a different sprite style from the rest of the cast. There also doesn't seem to be any leftovers for them within Tekken 2's ROM.
    • The SNES port plays much closer to its original source material, sticking with the original commands and Tekken's own blocking system.
    • The soundtrack is completely different in Tekken 2, reusing the compositions from Virtua Fighter 2 VS Tekken 2 and Rockman X3. It's as if they didn't have access to the Mega Drive's soundtrack at the time and reused from games they made before. (Meanwhile, the SNES version of Soul Blade uses the same soundtrack as its Mega Drive counterpart and it succeeds these games.)
  • Wang Jinrei's stage is present in the ROM but cannot be accessed in normal gameplay.
  • Jack-2's (as Jack) and Lei Wulong's (as Lei) names can be found in the ROM with the other HUD names but obviously these characters didn't make it in.


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