Tekken 3 Special
Tekken 3 Special's title screen
Console = Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, SNES
Alternate names/hacks Tekken 2 (SNES version)
Tekken 3 Special (released on the SNES as Tekken 2) is a pirated fighting game based off Tekken 2, created for the Mega Drive by an unknown company.



Tekken 3 Special's Gameplay. Note the fireball attack, which wasn't in Tekken 2.

This game is a port of Tekken 2, and includes 8 characters from the original: Kazuya Mishima, Lee Chaolan, Paul Phoenix, Jun Kazama, Yoshimitsu, Heihachi Mishima, Nina Williams and Marshall Law. The controls are very limited, with the game lacking support for the Mega Drive's 6-button controller. In this game, the A button blocks, the B button punches and C button kicks Unlike the original game, it seems to be possible to pull off projectile attacks, even though these weren't present in the original game. Awkwardly, to jumpkick, the player has to press the C button at a specific spot when they're about to jump.

The graphics are taken from the original game and simplified, with the characters being 2D sprites and the backgrounds being flipped like many other pirates on the Mega Drive. The music appears to be original. The ending is a simple Congratulations screen.

There was also a SNES release of this game titled Tekken 2, which omits Nina and Law and adds in a theme song to the main menu, which is a remake of Gravity Beetle's theme from Mega Man X3. Some of the other music is remade from Virtua Fighter 2. It's unknown which version was released first.


  • The SNES version's remake of Gravity Beetle's theme was also used in the SNES version of the Pokémon Stadium pirate.
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