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Terrifying 9/11 (Chinese: 驚爆911; Pinyin: Jīng Bào 911) is a Game Boy Color game released some time after the 9/11 attacks. It was originally released by Hitek in Taiwan. It would later be released in English, and the game would also receive a title hack released in mainland China by Li Cheng under the name of 特種部隊2 基地 (Pinyin: Tèzhǒng Bùduì 2 Jīdì; English: Special Forces 2 Base). The game is an unlicensed port of Metal Slug 1.

The game is infamous for not only its already distasteful premise, but its inclusion of an opening intro showing actual video footage of the September 11th attacks.




This is a decent port of Metal Slug 1 for the Neo Geo. A is used to jump and B is used to shoot. the graphics are also good even with the limitations of the Game Boy Color. The bosses are also present in this version, but are more easy. The order of mission 4 and 5 is inverted. When a level is beaten, an exchange between George W. Bush and Osama Bin Laden takes place. In the original release, the text is in English, but in Li Cheng's version, the text is in Chinese.

Box Description[]

"This game is regarding the previous tragedy in USA which they suffered the most horrible terrorists attack in this century leaving many innocent helpless people dead.
Pres. George Bush ordered an extremely tightened of security situation, at the same time, is looking for military counter attacks toward the terrorists headed bythe group of Bin Laden.
The elite Arm Forces of American and British joined forces in taking revenge towards the brutal attacks of Bin Laden's group. These are now taking action ontargets in Afghanistan in a hose scale.
Now it's your time our smart player, can you help American in defeating  Bin Laden? Show us your patriotism and brave heart. Let's help Americans in stopping these cruel people in attacking again those innocent. We have to prevent them in doing this again. Let us capture them."

Li Cheng version[]

一事恐怖分子劫持了客机撞击了美国纽约的世界贸易中心, 剧烈的爆炸造成平民的极大伤亡和严重的经济损失。为了打击恐怖活动, 美国迅速采取行动派出了最精锐的特种部队的特种兵深人阿富汗恐怖分子的大本营一一 “基地” 组织。特种兵使用特制|的武器与恐怖分子展开了一场殊死的战斗, 最后靠特种兵的机智回勇敢打败了恐怖分子, 消灭了恐怖分子 “基地” 组织的头目一一本拉 · 丹。

Translation: In one incident, terrorists hijacked a passenger plane and crashed into the World Trade Center in New York, USA. The violent explosion caused great casualties of civilians and serious economic losses. In order to combat terrorist activities, the United States quickly took action and dispatched the most elite special forces to the base camp of terrorists in Afghanistan — the "Al-Qaeda" organization. The special forces launched a desperate battle with the terrorists using specially-made weapons, and finally relying on the wit and bravery of special forces, they defeated the terrorists and wiped out the leader of the terrorist "Al-Qaeda" organization — Bin Laden.


  • English version (Hitek): This version has the Hitek logo and English cutscenes.
  • Chinese version (驚爆911): Released by Hitek. Has its own unique Chinese title.
  • Li Cheng version: This version removes the Hitek logo for a title screen photo and changes the "Terrifying 911" logo to another logo written 特種部隊 2 基地 (Special Forces 2 Base). The cutscenes are in Chinese.



  • Currently, only the English and Li Cheng versions of this game are dumped, the former only available as a raw dump.
    • The English version of the game uses Hitek's proprietary copy protection mapper, which is only currently supported in the hhugboy emulator and on mGBA's Game Boy emulation core if Hitek's mapper is manually specified.
    • The raw dump of the Li Cheng version is copy protected and only works on hhugboy. The fixed version, however, can run in all emulators that support the Game Boy (Color).
    • As of now, the Chinese (驚爆911) version of the game remains undumped. Another Chinese release exists with a different name that also remains undumped.
  • There is an unused Metal Slug logo in the game's code, seemingly intended for the title screen; suggesting it was planned to release as Metal Slug originally.[1]
  • In the graphics data of the ROM, there are unused graphics for an English and Chinese language selection menu.
  • The Chinese title from the Taiwanese Hitek release of the game appears to be lifted from the localized title of the 2002 film Air Panic.
  • The song used during the infamous intro is "Shir LaShalom ("שיר לשלום" or "A Song for Peace"), which is the anthem for the Israeli Peace Movement.