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Terrifying 9/11
Terrifying 911.png
Title screen from the Li Cheng version.
Publisher Hitek (Taiwan)
Li Cheng (China)
Developer Hitek
Console Game Boy Color
Date 2002(?)
Alternate names/hacks Special Forces 2 base (Li Cheng)

Terrifying 9/11 (Chinese: 驚爆 911) is a Game Boy Color game released some time after the 9/11 attacks by Hitek in Taiwan, and was later released by Li Cheng in China under the name of 特種部隊 2 基地. The game is an unlicensed port of Metal Slug 1.



This is a decent port of Metal Slug 1 for the Neo Geo. A is used to jump and B is used to shoot. the graphics are also good even with the limitations of the Game Boy Color. The bosses are also present in this version, but are more easy. The order of mission 4 and 5 is inverted. When a level is beaten, an exchange between George W. Bush and Osama Bin Laden takes place. In the original release, the text is in English, but in Li Cheng's version, the text is in Chinese.

Box Description

"This game is regarding the previous tragedy in USA which they suffered the most horrible terrorists attack in this century leaving many innocent helpless people dead.
Pres. George Bush ordered an extremely tightened of security situation, at the same time, is looking for military counter attacks toward the terrorists headed bythe group of Bin Laden.
The elite Arm Forces of American and British joined forces in taking revenge towards the brutal attacks of Bin Laden's group. These are now taking action ontargets in Afghanistan in a hose scale.
Now it's your time our smart player, can you help American in defeating  Bin Laden? Show us your patriotism and brave heart. Let's help Americans in stopping these cruel people in attacking again those innocent. We have to prevent them in doing this again. Let us capture them."


  • Original version (Hitek): This version has the Hitek logo and English cutscenes.
  • Li Cheng version: This version removes the Hitek logo for a title screen photo and changes the "Terrifying 911" logo to another logo written 特種部隊 2 基地 (Special Forces 2 Base). The cutscenes are in Chinese.



  • The original Taiwanese game ROM by Hitek only runs in the GBA emulator 'hhugboy' because of its copy protection. The Li Cheng version can run in all GBA emulators such as 'VisualBoyAdvance'.
  • In the game data, there is a supposedly unused Metal Slug logo.
  • In the game data, there are graphics for an English and Chinese language selection menu.
  • As of now, the Chinese (驚爆 911) title version of this game remains undumped.
  • The Taiwanese Mandarin title of the game appears to be lifted from the localized title of the 2002 film Air Panic.