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Tetris Series: Super 9-in-1
Tetris Series: Super 9-in-1's title screen.
Publisher RCM
Developer RCM or Hwang Shinwei
Console Famicom
Date 1991
Engine Various
Sound engine Hwang Shinwei

Tetris Series: Super 9-in-1 is a multicart created (or at least published) by RCM in 1991. It includes nine different games which are either puzzle games, developed by Hwang Shinwei, or both.

The menu system is unorthodox, with the game titles not shown on the menu itself as well as being able to press A and B to select different games. It's possible that some games on the 260 in 1 Multicart are derived from this multicart. Unlike the 260 in 1 version, Memory Pair has a Hwang Shinwei copyright.

Several versions of this multicart exist, with the others (6-in-1 and 12-in-1) only containing the first 6 games on this version.


  1. Tetris (BPS version)
  2. Tetris (Tengen version)
  3. 3D Block (1990 version)
  4. Flipull
  5. Block Force
  6. Magic Jewelry
  7. Wildball (Named "Magic Giral" on the cartridge label)
  8. 2 Turn Pair
  9. Memory Pair


  • The image on the menu is stolen from You & Me(優&魅衣).
  • The main theme of the music, All Kinds Of Everything, by Dana Rosemary Scallon; as well as reused in Magic Jewelry and 3D Block for Famicom / NES.