The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy
The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy 070
Title screen of the European version.
Publisher Codemasters, Camerica
Developer Codemasters
Cart ID(s) CDM-DZ
Console NES
Date 1991/1992
Sound engine Codemasters

The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy is an unlicensed NES game developed by Codemasters released in 1991 and 1992. It is a game in the Dizzy series by them.

Overview Edit

The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy 074


In the game, Dizzy (an egg)'s girlfriend Daisy has been captured by the evil wizard Zaks, and it's up to Dizzy to save her. The game is a hybrid of platformer and adventure game, which takes place in a number of locations as you help the "yolkfolk" with their problems, ultimately leading to Daisy.

Versions Edit

The original release of the game was released in April 1991 in the USA by Codemasters's American distributor Camerica. The following year in 1992, it was given an upgraded release on an Aladdin compact cart with a number of changes and different labeling. It was also released in Europe by Codemasters themselves that year, which is similar to the Aladdin re-release but also features further changes and the ability to play the game in English, French, and German.

Trivia Edit

  • This game was later ported to other consoles as Fantastic Dizzy including the Master System, Game Gear, Mega Drive, and PC, but these versions feature different music and in some cases redesigned graphics.
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