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The General's Son (장군의 아들) is a 1-on-1 fighting game developed by Gartist Team and released at the end of 1992 by Daou Infosys based on the Korean gangster movie of the same name.

A US release was planned by Innovation Technology under the name Street Hero but was cancelled, although an undumped prototype exists.

The controls are very simple; you can perform a special move by holding down A and B for a second.


  • Most of the developers were actually involved in other in-house Daou titles like Dooly Bravo Land and the Master System titles. Gartist is likely just the actual group name.
  • General's Son is the last game developed in-house by Daou. They released exclusively Open Corp. titles after this one.
  • Daou released Sachen's Super Pang with the same ID as General's Son in mid 1992. In other words, there are two Daou games that share the DIF-002 id.