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The King of Fighters '97
King of Fighters 97 SGB Title Screen.png
Title screen, note that it comes with a border for Super Game Boy.
Hack of The King of Fighters '96 (known in Europe as The King of Fighters: Heat of Battle)
Original developer Takara, SNK, Galbrain
Console Game Boy
Date Possibly 1998(?)

The King of Fighters '97 is a hack of The King of Fighters '96 (otherwise known as The King of Fighters: Heat of Battle) for the Game Boy, possibly released in 1998 by an unknown developer.

The game is notorious for adding almost every character from the Game Boy versions of The King of Fighter '95 into Heat of Battle, with the exceptions of Terry Bogard, Eiji Kisaragi, Mr Karate, and Goenitz.

The King of Fighters '98[]

A hack of this hack, titled The King of Fighters '98 was also released, bringing back the missing characters, aswell as changing the title screen.


  • Literally every character from both The King of Fighters games are playable, including both the playable and boss Chizuru Kagura.
  • Another thing carried over from The King of Fighters '95 is the misspelling of Heidern's name to "Jeidern", oddly Benimaru's name is mispelled "Benimary".