The King of Fighters '98 is a pirate game that is for Sega Genesis.

The King of Fighters '98 (Mega Drive)
S MLA v F f 124990034 7493
Boxart of KOF98
Publisher Unknown
Developer Unknown
Cart ID(s) Unknown
Console Sega Genesis


This is a bad pirate game, which contains Street Fighter, Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting, also there are misspelling names of Terry, Cammy and Robert: Treey, Canme and Lobaut. There is a gameplay where you fight against a lot of teams, and characters have a Graysceled/Evil/Orochi clones of them. Also, the intro have the Go Go Power Rangers theme, there is a stage where it have cutted the right side, who it says "The King of Fight '98" and, the stage has the mirrored "The King of Fight '98". At the game over screen, you see a cofflin, taken from Ghosts' n Goblins,


None yet.

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