The King of Fighters 2000
Kof 2000.jpg
KoF 2000's Title Screen
Publisher DVS Electronic Co
Console SNES
Date 2000
Engine SNES Fighting Engine
Sound engine Capcom (Final Fight 2)

The King of Fighters 2000 is an unlicensed fighting game for the SNES produced by DVS Electronic Co, and like most other unlicensed SNES titles was only distributed in South American markets. It stands as a sequel and plays similar to the previous KoF '98 and KoF '99.

Gameplay / Presentation

The character roster is the same as '99 for Mega Drive, with the addition of Cammy from '98. Characters fight in teams of three and the first side to have all characters defeated loses.

Many of the backgrounds are lifted directly from other games (Fatal Fury) or heavily altered (Marvel Super Heroes). 

The music and sound effects are taken directly from Final Fight 2.

The gameplay remains similar to the MD prequels, however, due to the limitations of the SNES fighting engine, the game does not play nearly as smoothly. Unlike the MD version, which required a directional and button combination for strong attacks, this one has a four button attack layout; two for weak attacks and two for strong attacks. This is also implemented for the special moves; for example, allowing faster projectiles with the strong attack or farther distance travelled for lunge moves.

The ending is a simple congratulations screen, the same as the one featured in '99, only the headshots now include Cammy as they scroll by.

The combination for the special moves is the same for all characters: A, Down, Right:

Cammy: Cannon Drill

Ryu: Shoryuken

Vega: Instant Transmission

Cyclops: Optic Blast

Andy Bogard: Sonic Swirl

Iori Yagami: Uppercut

Joe Higashi: Slide

Ryo Sakazaki: Uppercut

Guile: Sonic Boom


The box art and label use art from the Neo Geo version of The King of Fighters '98.

The game was undumped until 2011, when the copy protection was documented by programmer D4S and the ROM was released. 

The title screen (albeit with a 2000 added) and intro is taken from The King of Fighters '99, suggesting that game is built off of it.


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