The King of Fighters R2 by Nanjing has nothing to do with the fighting game with the same name on NeoGeo Pocket Color, but instead is being an RPG which has the same battle system as The King of Fighters Kyo and takes place during the events of The King of Fighters '96 and, therefore, being a sequel of KoFR1, which again, has nothing to do with its' NeoGeo Pocket counterpart and takes place during KoF95.

It uses absolutely no material from the NeoGeo Pocket Color games, except of logos taken from their respective games and character portraits taken from SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters. The backgrounds and characters' sprites in the RPG section seem to be original, while the characters' sprites during the battles are color-downgraded, full-height versions of those which may be seen in the actual The King of Fighters games.

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