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This article is about The Lion King II (Mega Drive). For the Game Boy Advance game by Sintax, see The Lion King 2 (Game Boy Advance). For games with a similar name, see Lion King 2.

The Lion King II is an unlicensed platformer for the Sega Mega Drive. It is loosely based on the 1994 film The Lion King (as opposed to its 1998 sequel which shares the Lion King II title). It was developed by Gamtec at an unknown date, and uses sound effects from other unlicensed Mega Drive games. For example, the sound for Simba slashing enemies is the select sound from Rockman X3, and the sound when picking up an item is from Squirrel King.

A sequel, Lion King 3, was developed later on, and is also loosely based on the first movie.


There are two playable characters: Simba and Mufasa, the latter can be played by collecting a golden star. Simba can be reaccessed when touching an enemy, and torches act as checkpoints; the player's lion can activate them by jumping up when next to a torch.


  • 程式\林翠娥 (Program\Cui E Lin)
  • 美工\宋欣沛 & 欽仔 (Art\Xin Pei Song & Zi Qin)
  • 技術指導\洪吉民 (Technical Support\Ji Min Hong)
  • 測試\梁佳斌,黄寶儀 (Testing\Jia Bin Liang, Bao Yi Huang)
  • 監督\揚國哲 (Supervise\Yang Guo Zhe)


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  • Reprints of the original cartridge contain an unintentional bug, possibly due to faulty patching to copy protection found in the original game. The bug causes both invincibility and unlimited lives. Although the life meter does not decrease, the player will still transform from lion to cub if attacked by an enemy.
  • Rather controversially, a swastika (or more specifically, a Manji, which the Swastika was based off) appears on one of the machines in one of the stages.
  • The game became famous after YouTuber JonTron mentioned it in his Disney Bootlegs video.