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This article is about the Game Boy Advance game. For the graphical hack of the Mega Drive game Chinese Fighter III/Tenchi wo Kurau III by Glorysun, see The Lord of the Rings 3: Return of the King. For games with a similar name, see The Lord of the Rings.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, or Mo Jie Qi Bing (魔戒奇兵) in Chinese, is a Game Boy Advance game presumed to be developed by Vast Fame and first released some time in 2003. Despite the title, the game's story is based on the film The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. The game also uses promotional material for the film in its intro.


The game is best described as a Pocky & Rocky / Kiki Kaikai clone. It's an overhead view game that has your character going through the level while confronting hordes of enemies that get in your path. Collecting orbs that enemies occasionally drop levels up your projectile, the highest level allowing you to shoot many of them in all directions. Each level starts off with a screen taken from The Fellowship of the Ring movie with a narrative of the team going to areas that were not even in the movie. As such, most of the levels bear no resemblance to anywhere that is explored in the movie. There are 8 levels total in the game, each with two acts except for level 7. At the end of each level is a boss, most of the time also not representing anything that appeared in the movie, such as a giant octopus that you fight on a raft or a giant scorpion in the desert.

The playable characters are Aragorn, Frodo Baggins, Gandalf, Legolas, and Gimli, who only superficially resemble their respective characters from the Peter Jackson movies and take on more anime-styled fantasy designs in the game. In all currently dumped versions (the English version and 魔戒奇兵, the original Chinese version), the characters use different names, the names used differing in each version. In the original Chinese version, Aragorn is named Shredder (史瑞德), Frodo is named Roger (羅金斯), Gandalf is named Glenda (葛蘭達), Legolas is named Alice (亞拉斯), and Gimli is named Jerry (傑力). In the English version, Aragorn is named Sherd (he is named "SherdSherd" in the intro), Frodo is named Rojins, Gandalf is named Granda ("GrandaGranda" in the intro), Legolas is named Alias, and Gimli is named Jali.



  • After beating the game, narrative suggests the story continues and the text "To be continue..." comes up, implying that a game based on The Two Towers movie would have been created. It is unknown if Vast Fame actually did make a sequel.
  • The ID used on the cartridge label of the English version of the game (AGB-ALRE-USA) also happens to be used on the cartridge label of the English version of a Game Boy Advance game by Sintax, The Lord of the Rings IV - The Fellowship of the Ring. The ID is used for an actual licensed Game Boy Advance game, Lego Racers 2, which was released in 2001, well before Vast Fame and Sintax released their games.
  • The music used in the intro is a version of a song that likely originates from a Lord of the Rings themed hack of the unlicensed Game Boy Color game Devil Island, another game connected to Vast Fame. Currently, the only versions of this game known to exist are from Kongfeng, who released it as Zhi Huan Wang 2 (指環王2) in 2003, and a title hack released by Li Cheng named 魔戒3-不完美的世界, which roughly translates to Lord of the Rings 3 - Imperfect World.
  • A remix of the music used for the boss in Level 6 would be used in the Game Boy Advance game Super Robot Wars: Ultimate Edition.
  • An alternate Chinese version of the game released by Kongfeng that has a different title screen, 魔戒三部曲 - 所向無敵, is known to exist. It's unknown if any further changes exist in this version.