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The Lost World: Jurassic Park is a pirated port of the SNES game Jurassic Park, believed to be developed by Cony Soft and published by Hosenkan Electronics under their Hosekn alias in 1998. This is their last game ever released.


The gameplay is based on the SNES game of the original Jurassic Park movie, while the intro cutscene follows the plot of the sequel, The Lost World. The game has a topdown perspective in the overworld, while inside buildings the game goes into a first-person view. However, the game can be beaten in 1 minute due to a glitch that allows players to jump through walls. The objective of the game is to stun all the dinosaurs, and collect the eggs. Failure in this task brings the player to a gruesome Game Over screen not seen in the SNES game, which shows Grant's mangled corpse in a pool of blood, with the dinosaur from the Continue screen still visible in the background.

Updated Revision[]

A more updated revision of the game was released at some point in a similar fashion to Hummer team's Super Mario World NES port, although the actual date of release cannot be determined since there have been no changes to the title screen's sprites.

Gameplay of the newer revision can be found here


  • The name "Jakeshon" appears once in the intro, but is also present in some unused text found in the ROM, one reading "JAKESHON PARK" and the other "1997 COPYRIGHT JAKESHON"[1].
  • The ROM contains unused tiles of the intro of the SNES version, which was likely abandoned as it utilized Mode 7, complete with a "LISENSED BY NINTENDO 1993 OCEAN OF AMERICAN" (sic) copyright.